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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All I needed was a red dress and elbow length white gloves.

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday! 

And don't think I didn't just have to stop and do some quick calculations before I typed 42 because can I really be that old? 

Apparently I can be.

My husband and I had previously celebrated our birthdays and anniversary on Saturday night with a nice dinner out, just the two of us.  And since he was at work yesterday and the kids were at school, my mom took me out to lunch to celebrate!

We went to Childress Vineyards and had a lovely lunch.  And since it was my birthday, she got me a really nice bottle of wine to go with lunch!  And when I say "she got" I really mean, "I ordered and since she was buying lunch she paid" for a really nice bottle of wine.

And honestly, I was only going to get a glass but the very helpful waitress informed me that the Reisling which I had just ordered was on special and to get a whole bottle would be cheaper than buying two glasses so it seemed like the most economical thing to do at the time.  (Thanks, Mom!)

And the wine was delicious.  I love Reisling.  It's sweet.  It's not dry.  It's sweet.  It doesn't burn.  It's sweet.

I don't like all wines but I do love a good Reisling and this Reisling was delicious. 

We ordered and were enjoying the lovely view of rows and rows and rows of grape vines when the waitress appeared at the table with the bottle of wine and a cork screw. 

And then that's when I remembered that when you order a bottle of wine at a nice restaurant the waitress pours a little bit and then hands you the glass and then what the heck do you do? I typically order a beer or just a glass of wine at a restaurant so I wasn't sure what my next move should be.

So I did what any smart, sophisticated, worldly 42-year-old  would do. I imitated what I have seen them do on TV and in the movies. 

I took the glass, sniffed it, twirled it around and then took a sip.  And then I shook my head approvingly.

What a total dork!  I guess I really need to look up what the heck you are supposed to do so that next time I order a bottle of wine in a restaurant I don't look and feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  Because that's exactly how I felt.  Especially when the waitress stiffled a snicker.

But don't worry.  I showed her.  I ended up marrying Richard Gere.

O.k. so obviously I didn't marry Richard Gere but the wine was delicious, I had a nice lunch with my Mom and a great birthday so that's just as good as leaving behind a life of prostitution, falling in love and marrying a handsome wealthy man.


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deborah said...

Cute story..especially since Pretty Woman is a favorite movie of mine. =)And, yes, I think a great birthday and lunch with your Mom is a much better deal! I also must add that I also have an 8 year old son and he, too, has way too many Legos!