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Friday, July 15, 2011

Order has been restored!

Rest easy folks!  I didn't have to wait until Monday morning to get my cable fixed after all.

In a stroke of good fortune, the friendly folks from Time Warner Cable happened to be at my parent's house yesterday morning  and in another stroke of good fortune, we live right next door to each other.

My dad's internet service was out so they were out to help him with that.  Turns out there is an "on/off" switch on my dad's cable modem box and it just so happened to be in the "off" position.  So no internet. 

I think my dad felt silly about that but in his defense, I didn't know that a cable modem box could have an "on/off" switch either (mine doesn't, that I'm aware of and why would they anyway?  It's like your phone, why would it need an "on/off' switch.  It should always be ready to receive a call.) and the TWC repair guy said that there's a chance the storms we had last Friday could have turned it off. He also said that many of the TWC customer service representatives aren't aware of the switch either so that's why the one he spoke to didn't ask him to check it. (Looks like they would want to put that one in the training manual.)

Anyway, back to my Time Warner problem.  Since the "repair" of my dad's internet connection took all of 2 seconds, he asked the repairman if he would mind taking a look at my problem.  The guy said he would so they came over and he got to work.

Apparently my brand new box was bad so he had to replace the box and now everything is hunky dory! And I didn't have to wait until Monday morning!  And I got to watch The Next Food Network Star last night.  Sorry Orchid, it was time for you to go.   You will not be The Next Food Network Star.

This morning, Peter had an appointment with his allergist.  Why is it that all nurses will ask, "What are you here for?"  That drives me crazy.  They are usually holding the patient's chart when they are asking this question.  Couldn't they open the chart before they get the patient from the waiting room and answer this question for themselves?  I am sure it says in there somewhere: follow-up visit, patient is complaining of breathing problems, patient is scheduled for a prick test, or you name it. And if it doesn't say that, then WHY NOT!?

This nurse also asked when we were in the office last.  I don't know, why don't you check the chart?!  Because I am certain that the answer to that question is most certainly in the chart.

Anyway, I feel better now that I got that off my chest!  Have a great weekend y'all and be sure to check back here later this weekend for pictures of me and Jennifer.  We are running in another 5k together.  This is our first one since November and we are both out of shape.  Hopefully we can make it across the finish line before they take it down!

1 comment:

Mari said...

I'm so glad you got your cable fixed - life can continue! :)
I think the reason the nurses ask why you are here is because they want to hear directly from you what the problem is - not what you told someone and they wrote down, because sometimes things get lost on translation! I'm nurse and we are required to chart what the patient , and it can't be what someone told you they said.
I'm loving the Next Food Network Star. I so want to see The Middle Eastern Mama go - I think she is obnoxious!