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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Beat the Heat Family Fun Run.

Jennifer coerced me into running the Beat the Heat 5k.  We weren't planning on doing this one again because the one last year was so hot.  I would say the heat beat us last year. 

But she thought we needed to have a 5k ahead of us so that we would be motivated to run...otherwise it's easy to say no to a run and yes to the couch, the tv and the bonbons.

The Beat the Heat is run in the evening, I guess in an effort to "beat the heat".  My husband decided on Friday night that he and the kids were going to run in the 1 mile Family Fun run right before the 5k race.  Jennifer's kids decided they wanted to do it too. 

And I am so glad they all did it.  I was a little worried that my kids wouldn't be able to run a mile without stopping because they had never tried it before.  But I guess swim practice four or five times a week since the middle of May helped them.
Peter and Sarah posing before the race.  Sarah insisted on wearing the official race tee shirt even though it was a tad large.  And she's striking a pose like she's about to go on the runway!

Sarah, Caity and Cheyanne before the race.
Colton and Peter getting ready to race!
And they are off!  Can you spot my kids and husband?

Cody was the first of our kids to cross the finish line.
Here comes Caity!

Here comes Colton!

It's Peter!

10:22!  Not bad for his first miler!

Here comes Chey, Sarah and Dan!

Go baby girl!

11:41!  Good job! 

The kids had a great time.  And now, I think they may be hooked on running or at least running Family Fun runs with their friends.  Sarah asked if she could go running with me some time to get ready for the next one! 


jennwa said...

I am so proud of all the kids, they did a great job. I am proud of us too, we did well too, considering.

Andrea said...

good job to all!!! you girls amaze me...i don't think i could do all of that running!!