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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dirty-house cleaning avoidance. Blog-post writing pursuance.

Just thought I'd swing by here this morning and let you guys know what I'm doing.  I'm cleaning the house.

Well, I'm supposed to be cleaning the house but I can only take the dirt and dust in teeny weeny little bits so I had to take a break after about 3 minutes.

And the whole time I was cleaning...well, the whole three minutes anyway, I kept thinking about an advertisement for a cleaning company that I receive in the mail periodically.

The title on the front of the brochure says, "Is the wrong person cleaning your house?"

And every time* I get this brochure, I always say out loud*, "Yes!  ME!"

And then I laugh hysterically until I realize that no, I'm not even cleaning my house so really to be a more effective or accurate advertisement perhaps it should say, "Is anyone cleaning your house?" 

And every time I get this brochure, I look at it longingly.  This company lists everything they do/clean each time they visit your house.  They also have a separate list of the things they do/clean every other time they visit.

One of the items that they clean is baseboards!  Baseboards?!  Am I supposed to be cleaning my baseboards?  Hmmmm...perhaps that explains all the dust, dirt and grime in my house.  I'm supposed to be cleaning my baseboards.

And all this time I've been blaming the state of my house on my kids. 

* Thank goodness for spell check because I consistently spell  "every time" and "out loud"  wrong.  I always type "everytime" and "outloud".  I swear I graduated from highschool.


Mari said...

I want a cleaner too. My baseboards need help!

Wendy said...

I always dream when I get those advertisements in the mail. What if!

RR Mama said...

I'm with Mary, I want a cleaner too! I did leave Hubs in charge of cleaning the living room today and dusting all of the A/C vents. We'll see how that went when I get home! Congrats to Ducks!

Creative and Curious Kids! said...

Baseboards? Oh goodness, I'm behind. lol If you ever feel bad about the state of your house, you just need to come and visit mine for the day. I blame my kids, too. Funny post!