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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In the words of Aunt Cathy, "You could drive a truck through there!"

While absentmindedly chewing on some bubblewrap yesterday, Sarah's tooth came out!

And as she said, "I'm not going to be able to eat apples for a while!"  No apples, but look at all the room she's got now for a straw!

Sarah took this picture of herself.  Please ignore the crumbs on my counter. 

And the bubble wrap...Cheyanne brought over a huge piece of it yesterday so she and Sarah could pop it.  I think Jennifer must be mad at me.


Mari said...

She looks cuter than ever!

Kimberly said...

"As she was absentmindedly chewing on some bubble wrap yesterday...."

That opening line totally cracked me up!

You'll have to take some videos of Sarah talking so you can hear that cute no-teef-lisp

Tracy said...

She looks adorable!!! Chewing on bubble wrap? I haven't tried that! Sounds interesting!

Jaina said...

Too cute! She's losing teeth like crazy! I love the two front teeth missing pictures, I think they're just adorable!

Anonymous said...