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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Communications 101

"Mom, can we pleeeeeeease have a sleepover tonight?" Peter begged.

"No, honey, not tonight," was my tired reply.

"But Mooooooommmmmmm yesterday when I asked you, you said 'maybe tomorrow'.  When a grown-up says 'maybe tomorrow' that always means yes!" he continued to beg.

I guess we have a communication problem because when I say 'maybe tomorrow' what I really mean is 'maybe you will have forgotten about it by tomorrow'.


Andrea said...

ohhhh this is so funny! i always say "we'll see"...and tanner always says "Yes, we'll see means 'Yes'". i'm not sure why he thinks that because usually when i say that i mean "i'm hoping you'll forget about it and won't ask me again, but if you do, it'll be 'no'"!

RR Mama said...

This brought a smile to my face. We go through the same thing at my house.