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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I would have known if I would have Googled it!

I took Sarah to the doctor this morning.  I was sure that she had strep throat - just like Peter had in December - and I didn't want to waste any time getting her on the antibiotic.  Because just like Peter, she had a fever but no other symptoms (other than a cough, a runny nose, fatigue, a head ache and back pain - yes, I am that stupid).

When the doctor said she was negative for strep I felt like a dork for bringing my child in for what was clearly just a cold.  Yes, I am still totally clueless at this point in time.

"Has she been complaining of any pain?" quizzed the doctor.

"Why, yes," I replied.  "Back pain and a headache." 

"We better give her a flu test.  Did you get the vaccine this year?"  she asked.

"Ummmmm no because by the time I got around to asking you for the shot (It was in December when we were in the office for Peter's strep. I remember thinking to myself Oh good, we're all here.  Let's get the flu shot now!) you guys were already out and weren't getting any more in.  And then I went to Walgreens (who has gobs and gobs of flu shots) and was told they didn't administer them to minors."

"Oh.  Well, maybe she doesn't have it."

And 6 minutes later we had confirmation that she did have it. 

I had been so sure it was strep that I didn't even give the flu (and all of Sarah's non-strep throat related symptoms) a thought.  I was so sure in fact, that I didn't do what I normally do - Google every symptom until I am sure the kid's have an incurable disease.

She felt pretty good yesterday and this morning.  However, after we left the doctor's office (wearing a mask no less!) she went down hill pretty fast. Her fever shot back up, she's been coughing repeatedly and her poor little nose could give Rudolph's a run for it's money.

She's on the couch asking for a flu shot (too late now, sweetie!) and telling me that she really wants to go to school tomorrow (no chance!).

And I have been going around the house with anti-bacterial wipes cleaning every surface she's touched in the last 36 hours.  I wonder how long the flu virus remains active on surfaces?

I think it's 24 hours but maybe I should Google it to be sure!


kim said...

now see I am opposite. i attribute everything to the flu that I forget that it could be something like strep.

I hope she gets better soon. I think the flu is going around though. I hope it doesn't come our way.

Kim said...

I hope she gets better soon and that the rest of you stay well.

Kimberly said...

It must be going around. I have a student who is NEVER absent and he hasn't been here all week. I called today to check on him....both he and his mother have the flu, too. Here's hoping everyone feels better (and that Quinn doesn't get it b/c he didn't get the flu shot yet either!)

Mari said...

Poor Sarah! Hope she feels better soon!