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Thursday, January 20, 2011

And it is with every spray of the Lysol can and every swipe of a disinfecting wipe that I wonder if it's too early to get on the waiting list at my doctor's office for the flu shot.

Yesterday afternoon when we got home from the doctor, Sarah finally started acting like she had the flu.  Her fever spiked up and she became a lethargic lump on the couch.  And it was there she remained until she moved to her bed and became a lethargic lump there.

She has had a little more energy this afternoon.  We played Dominoes, we finished reading another installment of Ivy and Bean and we attempted a little of her school work.  She is now playing at the computer. I am armed with the Lysol spray and the disinfectant wipes waiting to scrub down the mouse and keyboard the minute she decides to head back to the couch.

And speaking of couch and Lysol spray, it's time to disinfect that again while she's not on it.


Andrea said...

Alex doesn't have the flu, but she is a lethargic lump...mostly in her room. I hate this time of year! Hope Sarah starts feeling better soon!

Kerrie @ TFK said...

I hear you! Marty is a lethargic lump from some lung/chest congestion...He's been sick (on and off) since September, so no flu shot!

beth said...

Oh no!! Poor thing! Hopefully she starts to feel better realy soon.