Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sugar and feathers and a yo-yo. Apparently that's not what little girls are made of!

What is this you may be wondering?

It's a bowl that Sarah filled with the following ingredients:

a yo-yo
a necklace
a pencil
an American flag
a ball

What's it for?

Well isn't it obvious? Sarah is trying to make a girl!

She put all of these things in a bowl this afternoon and now she keeps asking when the girl is going to get here. Poor thing!

Peter has two little boys next door that he plays with every evening and Sarah is left to mope around on her own. She used to play with all three of them last summer but I think their games have finally gotten a little too boyish for her and I think she has finally gotten a little to girlish for them.

I guess Sarah finally realized I was serious when I told her for the 100th time that I wasn't having another baby so she decided to take things into her own hands. Now that's one industrious little girl!
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice, and everything nice,
That's what little girls are made of


Denise said...


Mari said...

I love it! At least the yo-yo and feather are pink!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is so cute! Love it.

EntertainingMom said...

I love it!!! How clever!

Jaina said...

Wow, that is so incredibly cute.

RR Mama said...

So sweet!

jennwa said...

I love that. I think she is so smart to come up with that.

Lee and Beth said...

Awww. That is so cute! So, when should we be expecting the new arrival? :)

Katy said...

Bless her heart! What a great imagination she has! Wish I could be her playmate!

Rebekah said...

lol- she is priceless

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Very industrious! My little angel had a play date when we were in Minnesota with her cousin. She came back with jar full of mystery stuff. She told me it was Death Potion and just couldn't have been happier about her creation.

Evden said...

What a smart idea! Very cute!

Blushing hostess said...

very sweet!

Wendy said...

Let me know if this works and I'll try the same to add a girl to my three boys since that's the only way we'll end up with one!

Tracy said...

She sure is creative! Love it!

Jeneil said...

She is so funny and creative! I just went and sniffed cumin to see if it smelled girly!

Jamie Jo said...

I just found your blog and it made me smile. My daughter likes to make all kinds of "soups" too. Thanks for sharing.