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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Link Love - Decorating, Stalking, and Puzzles

I wanted to share with everyone a couple of places that I have really been loving this week.

The first is The Nesting Place. I am not sure how I have missed The Nester before now because her blog and her house are like, totally cool. And best of all, she lives in North Carolina. I mean how totally awesome is that???!!!!!!

O.k. I apologize if I sound like an excited high school kid (or at least a high school kid in the 80's because I'm sure they don't say things like "cool" and "awesome" anymore, but I bet they still completely overuse exclamation points!!!!!!!) but if I wanted to, I could probably like totally find her house and drive by it like 1000 times until she noticed me. (Kind of like I used to do with boys I liked back in the 80's.)

And I mean that in an innocent bloggy kind of way. I would never really stalk her. I don't think...

But check out her blog. And if you have extra time check out Blissfully Domestic. She also posts over there. I love that site as well.

The Nester has an amazing way with junk(found objects), fabric scraps and paint. I wish I knew her in real life because if I could ever get over the embarrassment of my house full of 10 year old Rooms To Go furniture, I would invite her over for decorating suggestions and then I would take her shopping with me. And then my poor husband would be repainting everything in our house.


My other favorite website this week is Jigzone. Jennifer turned me on to this website about a year and a half ago and my son had a blast with it. But somewhere along the way, he became completely enamored with and and and and he completely forget about the thrill of online jigsaw puzzles.

But several days ago, Sarah was bugging me about computer games. She tries to play games at all of Peter's favorite sites but she either gets overwhelmed because they are too hard for her or she gets bored because they are "borin'".

She's going to make a great Southerner.

So a light bulb went off in my head and I remembered Jigzone and she has been happily putting puzzles together ever since. And the added beauty of this site? When she asks me to sit with her and watch her do a puzzle, I actually will. It's nice to watch a 3-year-old mind solve a puzzle and it's even nicer still that there is no mess for me to clean up when she's finished.

Have I mentioned before that I love the computer? If not, let me just mention it right here and right now - I like totally love my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mari said...

I just discovered the Nester myself. She is great!

jennwa said...

I love jigzone too.

I am excited about The Nester, since I have heard so much about her. I am headed over there right now. I am a little nervous because I think you like her better than me.

Brittany said...

I need to go check out these gals! Thanks! :)

Christina said...

Okay, checked out the Nesting Place and I totally see why you want to be her friend. If I could drive over right behind you I would. Can you believe that cute window treatment?

Thanks for the kids sites too. I am totally going to check out jigzone, because it sounds totally "cool" and "awesome." Yah I still use these words too.

Texasholly said...

I need to get to both those sites ASAP. I have visited the Nester through Blissfully Domestic, but need to add her to my reader so I don't forget. Thanks!

Maude Lynn said...

I will definitely be checking out Jigzone!

Family Adventure said...

Thanks for the links. Heading over now.

Happy Sunday,

Heidi :)

The Nester said...

OH, it is such an honor that you want to drive by my house!

I was all about June and her blog forever and we just met last week! We are gonna have to meet soon!

Cathy, Amy and Kristina said...

Oh, how fun! (Like I needed more encouragement to live on my computer!)

Cathy, Amy and Kristina said...

Oh, how fun! (Like I needed more encouragement to live on my computer!)

Pam said...

Since you like the Nester, you would probably like my friend, Sara's, blog. She is very talented and creative with the decorating:

If you look on her sidebar and scroll down, you will see pics from her house. She also does really cute art, which you will also see in the sidebar.

Young Creations said...

Thanks for the bloggie tips! I am going to check them out!
Stop by and check out mine

Jen said...

Thank you for the new reads!!

Jen said...

Thank you for the new reads!!

Heather said...

We are getting pretty bored with Nick Jr. Thanks for the tips.