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Monday, April 7, 2008

Miracle Monday

It's Miracle Monday again! Thanks for coming by to share a miracle or to read about the amazing things that God has done to show us that he loves us.

If you are going to participate in Miracle Monday this week it's simple. Just post a miracle on your blog and link it back here using Mr. Linky below. Please mention A Mom's Life in your post. And if you want, you can use the Miracle Monday button in your post.

PLEASE NOTE - when linking make sure to link to your Miracle Monday post. Do not link to the front page of your blog. It is important that you link to the Miracle Monday post so that when others are reading your miracle in the future, the link will take them directly to your miracle and not to the front of your blog.

If you don't link to the miracle only, and someone browses through the miracles next month, they may get your meatloaf recipe if you link to the front/top of your blog, instead of your miracle. And while your meatloaf recipe my be delicious, I doubt it's miraculous!

For an explanation on how to do this, please check here. Or, you can always email me and I will be glad to help you. My email address is in my profile.

Have a great Miracle Monday everyone and thanks for participating!

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Edited: This edition of Miracle Monday is now closed! Thanks to all who participated. I love reading your miracles. I truly feel closer to God every Monday when I read them! Please come back next Monday to post more miracles and in the meantime, please enjoy reading these.


movefearlessly said...

I love what you're doing - it's so easy to get caught up in little things and forget how blessed I am. Reading these posts shifts my perspective and gives me another source of support and comfort - thank you!

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

Blessings, Beth! Thanks again for hosting this- it is so important to keep our eyes open to God's miracles every day!

Love ya!

bauer zoo said...

thanks so much for hosting this!

Damama T said...

Beth - HI! I came over here from Keep Believing. I wrote up the story of my daughter's adoption, but didn't decide to add it here until after I'd already posted it. When I get a minute, I'll go back in and add the link back in here. Just didnt' want you to think I was trying to get a free ride on your Mr. Linky railroad. ;o)

Christina said...

Thanks for the way to link the miracle Monday to my page. As you can see I still have not gotten the nerve to put it in my sidebar. I will soon, but I usually mess up my entire blog even when I try to follow instructions. I promise that one day soon I will actually try it out.

Angela Williams Duea said...

Tongue in's a miracle about my teen daughters!

Denise said...

I really love miracle mondays, thank you.

Anonymous said...

oops, I posted one day too late :o(