Monday, March 19, 2012

I guess it's never too soon to start thinking about college.

On Friday I got to help out with Sarah's 2nd grade class St. Patrick's Day party. 

The craft was making origami shamrocks.  I was zero help with that. The whole time I was thinking, I'm supposed to fold which side where?  Huh, what?  This craft is far too advanced for second graders.

But the second graders did a great job with the craft.  Apparently it was just far too advanced for me.

My  kids were obsessed with St. Patrick's day this year - Sarah especially wanted to make sure she had something green to wear.

On Friday night she searched her closet and found nothing green.  I guess that's what happens when your favorite color is pink and you reject all other clothes colors and have a mother who doesn't want to spend money on a holiday-themed shirt that will be worn ONCE. 

So, she took matters into her own hands and this is what she was wearing on Saturday morning:

I think she looks like she was dressed by mischievous leprechauns.  We enjoyed her outfit all day until it was time to go to Peter's Boy Scout Blue and Gold ceremony.  I made her change for that because while it is adorable for 2-year-olds to go out of the house in Halloween costumes, pajamas or the like - it's not so cute on 7 1/2-year-olds.

Three generation of Boy Scouts:

Receiving his Bear Award:

On Sunday after church, Sarah had a Sacramental Prep class for her First Communion and so Peter and I headed to track practice without her.  She came home begging and pleading for me to let her take dance class. 

Dance class is one of those things I never wanted her to be involved in.  The time, the expense, the costumes, the recitals - it all just seems like too much.

When I told her I didn't think so, she retorted with, "Don't you want me to be well-rounded?  This will look good on my college applications!"  



deborah said...

ha!ha! I totally relate to the whole oragami paper folding thing. It would've been beyond me too!

Sarah did a great job on her t-shirt! Gotta love creativity and ingenuity! And I love her argument for dance class!

Colleen said...

Your little miss is quite creative! She does have a good point about dance too :) But I hear your side. I would love Maggie to do gymnastics instead of dance (she does neither yet) because gymnastics seems like such a strong sport. But, she's destined to be a very tall girl and I don't want her to go down a road of hating her body. It's so tough raising girls :)

Laural Out Loud said...

Did it work? Lol. I'd totally give in if my daughter said something as witty as that!

My kids colored themselves with green marker for St. Patrick's Day, but we didn't leave the house.

ღ soraya ღ said...

nice post thanks for sharing...blessings...

Wendy said...

What a great picture of the three generations! You should take them to get a professional picture done.