Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. There is a local dance studio that does summer dance sessions. The summer session is pay by the week so you pay when you go, not by the month AND there is no recital!  I thought this would be perfect.  I told Sarah about it and told her it would be her birthday present.

She was thrilled but after a few other conversations about it, she was mad to learn that there would be NO recital.  (To me this is the best part because the recital is where they really get you - costumes, tickets, pictures, flowers, etc.)  And then apparently I insulted her further when I re-explained this was going to be part of her birthday present. 

Apparently her friends who are currently taking dance are preparing for their spring recital and I guess Sarah's getting a little jealous.

2.  The kids have their first track meet this weekend.  I'm a little nervous but I know they will do great. And that's what's great about this sport - it's like swimming - if you don't win, you can still work hard to improve on your personal time the next week.  They both say they hate doing it.  I guess I'm a mean mom but it's so good for them. Plus they will be stronger and better prepared for swim season which is right around the corner.

  Sarah told me I should "check with my kids before signing them up for things".  Whatever.

3.  Dan has been in Ireland all week and he returns home tonight.  Life is so much better when Daddy is home.

4.  I have been playing Words With Friends on my new phone.  I am really horrible at it but I love it.  It is basically Scrabble and you play against people you know or the game will assign you an opponent.  If any of you want to play me (and most likely be assured of a victory) let me know your name and we will start a game!

5.  I don't know what's wrong with me but I have not been able to get into this season of American Idol.  I really like Phillip Phillips and I think HeeJun Han is a hoot but other than that, pfffffttt!  I don't even watch the show.  I've just been going to YouTube the next morning and checking out the performances of a few of the singers.  Could it be that after 11 seasons, I'm finally bored?

6.  Did I mention that I dropped my subscription to People Magazine?  I used to love People but for the last 6 months or so, every time I open it up and flip through the pages I am usually thinking things like, "Who is this person?", "Why do I care about that person?,  "Do I really  need to see another picture of this person in a bikini?"

I finally decided that it wasn't worth the outrageous expense of a yearlong subscription to a weekly magazine just to do a quick flip through, a loud "pfffffftttt" after reading about yet another madly in-love couple from the Bachelor that didn't make it because of their differences, and then toss it out.  (Well, actually I haven't been tossing them out, I have been donating them to the waiting room of my BFF's Vet Clinic.  So there's that at least. But still.)

7.  Well, I guess this house isn't going to clean itself so I better get to it.  We've had the windows open for the last couple of weeks enjoying the warm weather and now my house is covered in pollen. It's rather disgusting but I've just been going with it.  The greenish yellow hue on everything is very springy and fits right in with my decor!

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Hevel Cohen said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog on and off for a while now... came here by way of Smiles and Trials.

I also play Words with Friends and I'm really bad at it, but I love it. I only play on Facebook, but my name there is hevel.cohen.

Corey~living and loving said...

HI! not too crazy about idol this year either. I too, like phillip, but that is about it.

Lisa said...

I got into Idol late, but think this year is more interesting than last year. I think Hollie is my favorite at the moment, but haven't been upset with anyone going home yet.

deborah said...

I think the greenish-yellow hue on everything would definitely denote spring! Spring decorating done for you! Score!!

I do not think I would like staying home while my husband went to Austria and Ireland etc. I know there is the little detail called work involved, but still... :)

And I'm with you on not really needing to see another picture of this person in a bikini! lol!

Wendy said...

just gotta tell you, I love anyone who can actually use "pfffffftttt" in a sentence!! LOL

Glad I found this blog!