Monday, March 12, 2012

All I needed was some bread. And some cream puffs.

Sunday afternoon, after track practice, we took a back way home and decided to stop at Food Lion.  I just needed to pick up a loaf of bread and a few others items so Dan and the kids stayed in the car.

I quickly grabbed my loaf of bread, some cream puffs and some whipped cream and headed to the checkout.  I was paying my bill when I heard "Security Check in aisle 6.  Security Check in aisle 6."

I glanced over to aisle 6 because I know that typically "security check" means "shoplifter".  I thought it was odd that the announcement said "aisle 6"  and as I was wondering how the heck they knew it was aisle 6. Was Big Brother watching me while I picked up my bread? And my cream puffs.

About that time, I realized that "aisle 6" was code for "register 6" because a manager came running over to register 6 and said "are you sure?" to the cashier. She calmly said yes while continuing to check out her customer.

I quickly finished my transaction and headed to the parking lot just in time to see the manager confronting a large woman in a minivan.  He held a  heavy looking black purse and she yelled, "You've got the bag now let me go!  What more do you want?"

Um, I think he wants you at the sheriff's office being booked for shoplifting but I could be wrong.

She slammed the door and the manager barely got his hands and body out of the way of the car.

The manager yelled to another employee, "Did you get the license plate number?"  The employee held up his phone and I am assuming that meant that yes, he got a picture of it.

The manager and another employee meanwhile had gone around to the back of the car to look at the license plate for themselves.  The shoplifter started her car, threw it in reverse and gunned the motor.

The manager and the other person started yelling profanities at her because she was basically trying to run them over!  They started to push on her car because they didn't have enough time to move out of the way. I am assuming pushing on the minivan was a reflex more than anything because who thinks they can push a moving minivan?!

My eyes were as big as saucers at this point and I'm thinking "Get out of the way!  Get out of the way!"

They were finally able to move out of the way and she zoomed out of the parking lot leaving the manager holding her black bag of stolen goods and his cell phone - which he was furiously dialing.

As she pulled away, I noticed that her license plate was bent on both sides.  I'm not sure if the men were trying to pull her car back towards them as she was driving away by using the license plate or if they were just trying to rip it off.

The windows were down in our car so the kids and Dan witnessed the whole thing unfold. The kids found it very fascinating and were very excited when I got back to the car. 

As I was getting into the car with my bread, and my cream puffs, a woman who was loading her groceries - Kari was her name because she had a large binder with "Kari's Coupons" written across the front of it - said, "I didn't think things like this happened around here."

Oh, Kari.  What a sheltered life you lead. 

I was just glad I didn't get run over by that minivan. All I wanted was a loaf of bread.

And some cream puffs.


Anonymous said... that's a scary story! Surely glad you are all OK.


Colleen said...

WOW, not that's some excitement!