Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gonna grab my spoon now!

Dan's in Austria this week on a business trip.  He ignored me when I raised my hand and begged, "Please take me! Take me!"  so here I sit, at my computer eating a tasty lunch of rice, which I managed to cook without exploding. 

When Dan is out of town, I don't do a lot of cooking.  I give the kids mac and cheese or corn dogs or nuggets or Hot Pockets or something by Chef Boyardee.  You get my drift...basicallyanything I can heat up in the microwave.

Not cooking while Dan is traveling is my treat to myself while he is gone.  I mean, I should get something while he's globetrotting and I'm sitting in the pick-up line at school, dealing with homework hassles, shuttling the kids back and for between sports and music practices, and handling bath time.  Right?

But now that my father-in-law is living with us, this poses a problem.  Grampa (as we refer to him) does not want a Hot Pocket, nuggets or anything on a stick.  And really, can you blame him?

Monday night he and I had left over spaghetti, fresh Texas toast and fresh salad.  It was good but Grampa likes his dessert.  And since I'm not a very good cook and always feel like my meals leave something to be desired, I try to have dessert several times a week for him.  And when I'm feeding him leftovers, I especially try to have dessert for him. This night, we had a Key Lime pie.  It was delicious and the best part it was one of those frozen ones from a box. He ate every bit and seemed to enjoy it.

He liked his dinner and dessert and I didn't have to do anything but heat up leftovers and thaw a frozen pie.  It was a win-win.

On Tuesday, my mom brought over homemade vegetable soup which I knew Grampa would love but what was I going to do for dessert?  On the way to track practice I swung into Aldi's hoping to pick up another frozen pie.

But the only pies available had nuts (Peter's allergic) or chocolate (Sarah gave that up for Lent.  And can I say - she has been miserable without her old friend chocolate.)

What to do, what to do?  And then I saw them sitting innocently enough beside the frozen pies.

Cream puffs! 

After enjoying his bowl of homemade soup for dinner, I got dessert ready.  I didn't like the thought of tossing the cream puffs on a plate and calling it a day.  They looked a liked naked and a little lonely rolling around on the plate.

So I stacked them up and grabbed the chocolate sauce from the fridge. I did a fancy drizzle and then presented the plate to Grampa.

His face lit up and he began to dig into the cream puffs.  After eating another plate of them, he declared himself done but not before heading to the silverware drawer to get a spoon so he could scoop up all of the chocolate syrup.

My quick and easy dessert was a success!

Guess what we are having for dessert again tonight?

Oh, and since I thought this post needed a picture, guess what I had after eating my bowl of rice?


deborah said...

Easy. Delicious. Nuff said!! Looks yummy!

Austria?!! Really?!! And you're at home. I would definitely make it as much of a staycation as I could.

Anonymous said...

After a bowl of rice, you DESERVED a delicious treat!! You go girl!!