Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and taste a lot like Old San Juan.

We put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night.  We turned on the all music channel on TV and were amazed that the entire time we were putting up the tree we didn't hear one repeat song - unlike on the radio where it seems they only have 20 Christmas songs.

And I made a batch of guacomole because nothing says "Deck The Halls" like a big bowl of guac and chips.

The kids did a great job putting on the ornaments - they actually spread them out instead of putting them all in the same spot. What a difference two years makes. Further proof that my babies are growing up.


deborah said...

It's beautiful!

Kimberly said...

How tall is your tree? I noticed the step ladder but thought it was for the kids. Then i saw how big it was compared to you and your husband! It's a pretty tree!