Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sparkle finally gets his mischief on!

When Peter was in first grade, he learned about the Elf on the Shelf from his teacher.  They had one that visited the classroom to keep an eye on the kids and report back to Santa.  Apparently the elf moved around every night when the kids were gone and no one was allowed to touch him or he would loose his magic.

We were over visiting my grandmother that December and the kids noticed that she had an elf out as part of her Christmas decorations.  The elf was old - she had it for years and years she said.  (She had it before the whole Elf on the Shelf became a huge industry thanks to a book and kids that love Christmas magic!) Her elf started as a Chrsitmas tree ornament but because it was pretty large, she kept in sitting out on a little shelf at Christmas.

Anyway, when the kids saw it at her house they went crazy! She being the good great-grandmother that she is, told them that they could have it.  And so, her elf was named Sparkle and taken to our house.

Sparkle, being an older elf, moves around at night to keep an eye on the kids but doesn't get into mischief like all the other elves our there apparently do.  Thanks to the internet and friends, Peter and Sarah have learned that other elves get into trouble at night and some bring gifts.  I told that kids that due to our elf's age, he probably didn't feel like getting into much mischief.

But yesterday right before bed, Sarah pleaded with Sparkle to please do something mischievous while we were all sleeping.  And look what we woke up to:

Sparkles toilet papered the mantle while hanging out of a stocking!

Look at the mischievous sparkle in Sparkle's eyes!
When I asked Sarah who got to clean up the mess, she replied, "You do!"  I think I'm going to ask Sparkle to do it!


Mari said...

What fun! I would have loved to do this when my kids were younger!

deborah said...

You just have to forgive the mess when you see what a cute little elf he is! :)

Tricia said...

I had no idea about Elf on the Shelf. How fun! I'm obviously not as "with it" a mom as I should be.