Thursday, December 15, 2011

I have become the person I mock.

I love to check my statcounter and see what type of weird things people are googling to get to my blog. Usually it is something ordinary like "how to do sock bun curls" or "chili recipe" or " chelsea clinton". 

But occasionally people will arrive at my blog by googling very specific questions such as "Why does Megan's pee stink?" and "Why doesn't my daughter love me?" These are both actual searches that have led people to my blog and not just once or twice but multiple times.

I always scoff at these Google requests because even though Google has a wealth of information, Google is not familiar with Megan and he certainly doesn't know why some random little girl doesn't love her mother. 

But this afternoon I have become the person I mock.

In a desperate attempt to purchase the very last gift on my list, I googled "What should I get Uncle Ronnie for Christmas?" 

Oh, yes I did. 

But alas, Google has failed me.  It directed me to some forums where other desperate people were asking random strangers what they should get their uncle/grandfather/dad/mom/sister for Christmas as well.

It also let me know  if I was searching for a person named Ronnie Christmas then has found him! 

So I shamefully backed away from Google no wiser than before I started and began my search in earnest again. 

I came up with a couple of ideas that I need to run by my husband first so I don't make the same mistake I made 11 Christmases ago when I purchased Uncle Ronnie a set of battery operated heated socks.  (What?  He lives in Massachusetts.  It gets cold there! I thought it was a great gift but apparently I was the only one.)

Hmmmm...perhaps he could use the battery operated gloves....

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