Friday, October 15, 2010

Man cannot live by bread alone...

...he needs lots of butter too!

I wanted to tell you  about The Bread.  It's a recipe I discovered on a little known blog called "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman". teehee

If you haven't made this bread yet, you must.  You have no reason not to make it.  It only requires two ingredients, it's easy to make and it's oh, so delicious.

I have made this four times since PW posted it on September 17th.  I serve it with spaghetti and since it's only October 15th, if you do the math, that means we have spaghetti a lot.

My kids now refer to this bread as "that really good bread".  For example, when the kids ask what's for dinner and I say "spaghetti and bread" instead of saying, "Spaghetti?  Again?", their little faces will light up and then they say, "Bread? That really good bread?"

It's that good.

Here's a picture of "that really good bread" that I took from that obscure little website because she is a much better photographer than I am and unlike PW, I don't typically cook with a camera nearby.

And no, it's not burnt.  In fact, mine was even blacker and I dare say, probably even better than her's. 

Go here for her recipe and please make it.  And don't worry about all that butter - butter is good for your soul - just ask Paula Deen!


Mari said...

I saw that on her site and meant to make it, but haven't yet. Now that you are plugging it too, I really need to make it!

Annikke said...

I made this bread for the first time about 2 weeks ago and I was in heaven! But I love ALL breads! This was divine though! My kids freaked out saying I burnt it!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Mmmmm...that sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great weekend my friend!