Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Because if one goes, then they all want to go.

"Mom?  Why can't you home school me and Peter?"

Cold chills went down my spine as I replied, "I have a hard enough time getting you to do your homework. I can only imagine how hard it would be to home school you."

Sarah laughed knowingly and said, "Wanna know why I want to be homeschooled?"

"Oh, do tell."

"Because you would let me go to the bathroom whenever I wanted!  Mrs. P. always says, 'Sarah, we just went like 10 hours ago' or 'Sarah, can't you wait until we all go in like 2 hours or something?'"

I think Sarah has already learned how to exaggerate for effect. Like, totally.


Mari said...

Too funny! I taught a class in church for a few years, and you're right about that whole bathroom thing, especially with girls.

beth said...

She is so cute! It would be hard not to be able to go to the bathroom whenever you want to. :)

Annikke said...

That's great! My 9 year old has the exact same reasoning for wanting to be homeschooled!

Heather said...

Eli is saying he wants to be home schooled too..but for different reasons. His friend Madison is home schooled and she gets to stay home all day. Thats all he needed to know;o)

Daisy said...

Too funny! I teach 4th grade, and the kids are finally realizing that I know when they're faking the little "potty dance" tricks to get out of reading or math. No sympathy, kiddos. They don't call it "teacher bladder" for nothing.