Friday, October 22, 2010

Get to Arby's! Now!

We took the family to Arby's last night for dinner. 

Peter wolfed down his entire Jr. Roast Beef, licked his apple sauce cup clean and ate a large portion of my curly fries.  This is rare for Peter.  Other than cereal, he rarely eats anything with gusto and he never cleans his plate when I'm the chef.

So how could I resist when he looked up at me with his big brown eyes and said, "Can I have dessert Mom?  I cleaned my plate.  How about one of those Chocolate Turnovers?  I saw the sign for them.  They're only one dollar!"

I sent him up to the counter with $3 and told him to get two turnovers and that one of them would be for his sister.

He came back with a tray and two decent sized chocolate turnovers.  He began to eat his and Sarah started to eat hers.  It wasn't long before her shirt was covered in pastry - these things were flaky!  And it wasn't long before his mouth was covered in chocolate - they were indeed chocolaty!

Sarah couldn't finish hers.  "It's very rich, Mommy."  So I gladly finished it off for her. 

It was delicious. 

I'm not normally one for sweets. I prefer salty and crunchy but oh my goodness!  Peter ate almost 3/4 of his and I felt it was my motherly duty to eat the other 1/4. I mean there are children starving in Africa after all.  We can't let good food go to waste.

Do you see how the chocolate is oozing out of the center of the turnover?  Well, it is oozing because the center of the turnover is filled with chocolate!  Filled! 

Flakey!  Chocolatey!  And only $1!  Get  to Arby's right now before they take it off their dollar menu.  This pastry is well worth  $1. 

And now, since I didn't let my kid's leftover Chocolate Turnover go to waste - I've got to go for a run so it doesn't go to waist. 


Mari said...

Yum! That looks so good. I agree that you shouldn't let it go to waste!

RR Mama said...

You have got to quit posting about food! Just kidding. I made the bread you posted about from PW and it was FABULOUS! Now you are talking about chocolate turnovers. I'm gonna gain 30lbs. Seriously, thought you know I'm going to Arby's. I'll let you know on Monday how good it was.

RR Mama said...
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Corey~living and loving said...

oh my word, are evil. I so need one...right now!

Tracy said...

Yes, evil! I'll be craving this all night now!!!!

rhemashope said...

wah. we don't have an Arby's where i live. just as well, though, b/c i be eating those everyday. i'm a sucker for $1 sweets!