Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They heard my cry!

Every week as I passed the Sun Chips I would look longingly at them and hope that this would be the week I could finally buy them again.  I would take my index finger and gently touch the bag.  And week after week, I would jump back as if stung by something sharp each time I heard the obnoxious crinkling noise and with my head hung low, I would reach for a different, silent snack.*

Finally, Frito-Lay, the maker of Sun Chips has heard my cry and decided to replace the annoying crinkly bag with the normal bag!  Hooray!

And technically, I'm not sure if they heard my cry or if they decided to go back to their old packaging because sales have tumbled since January when they introduced the loud bag.  We eat a lot of Sun Chips around here but not enough to cause sales to tumble so I am assuming everyone hated that bag.

Wonder how long it will be until my Wal-Mart has the new packaging in?  I'm so excited.  Harvest Cheddar - here we come!

*And don't think I didn't do this every. single. week. since I gave up Sun Chips in my silent protest.  I knew it wouldn't be long  before Frito Lay came around, because sometimes, silence speaks louder than a crinkly, biodegradable bag!


kim said...

you know after u posted the original post of this i had to check it out and yes the bag is weird. it sounds like breaking glass.

but, i still bought it

Aimee said...

We don't eat Sun Chips -- well, I do, but no one else does so I cannot buy one bag and consume it myself. Well, I CAN, but I don't! ;) -- anyway, I have heard tons of other people complain about the noisy bag. "How noisy IS it?," I thought one day while passing it in the store. So I reached out and touched it and Fiver, who was with me, literally jumped back, put his hands on his ears, and said "What WAS that?"

Now I know he is sensitive to certain sounds, but it was way annoying.

Good to know you will be able to once more enjoy the Sun Chips!!

Kimberly said...

And the "biodegradable" bag did not do what the website said it would. At least not in my compost pile.....

beth said...

I heard about that on the news the other day. I don't buy Sun Chips very often, so I didn't even notice they changed their packaging. So glad you get to enjoy a favorite snack again. :)
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Tracy said...

YEAH Beth! Way to go. I can finally buy Sun Chips again. That bag was just rediculous and I am not sure how they thought that was going to go over with most people!