Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Christmas Lists and Dear Old Santa

A local MOPS group had Breakfast with Santa this weekend. We enjoyed a nice pancake breakfast and the kids got to talk to a very realistic looking Santa.

And best of all - there were no lines!

In preparation for our visit with Santa (and to give good old Mom some ideas for gifts) I had the kids write out their Christmas lists.

For Peter that basically meant sitting down with the Lego catalog and looking at Lego.com to try to figure out what he wanted.
(Droid Carrier, Fireboat, Mission 3:Goldhunt, Troll Warrior, Police Car, Clone Battle Pack. And for good measure he threw in a Hess Truck and a set of Dominoes.)

And for Sarah that meant looking around the room and listing off things that she spotted.

(Bracelet, Bell, Globe,Clock and Doll House.)

And if you will remember, she included Clock on her list of things she was thankful for at Thanksgiving. Obviously the clock is in clear view of the kitchen table where both lists were created.

Whenever I ask Sarah what she wants for Christmas she just shrugs and says she doesn't know. So hopefully she will be happy with what Santa decides to bring her.

Peter on the other hand might be a little disappointed because one of the items on his list was sold out at Lego.com, Toys R Us, and Amazon and another one of the Lego sets on his list isn't even being made any longer.

I was able to find a USED one on Amazon for over $100. I was not about to pay that much for a used toy and I wasn't even sure how I was going to to explain to Peter that it was in a used previously opened box.

The item on his list that he added in black is easily available and at a bargain price of $29.00 but he added it AFTER all of his gifts had been ordered. So I hope he likes the things that Santa picked out for him.

Luckily for me, Santa took the lists from the kids after they sat on his lap and put them in his candy cane basket. There will be no evidence of asked for and not received toys!

Maybe Sarah won't remember that she asked for a clock and maybe Peter won't remember that he asked for a Droid Carrier.

Christmas miracles do happen, don't they?

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He And Me + 3 said...

Yes they do! You have a very cool looking Santa:) He must be the real one.

Never Clever said...

Hi Beth! Thanks for the comment. I just found your blog over the weekend as I was searching for other moms that also have MS. I am a new mom to a 6 month old (as you saw), and was diagnosed with MS in 2005 right before my 25th birthday. Happy Birthday to me? Yeah, no so much!

Don Mills Diva said...

A clock?!

That's a very practical gal you've got there...:-)

Denise said...

Wonderful post.

Amanda said...

Caitlin is doing the same thing. The only thing she has asked for is more food for her kitchen! How great is that. Connor on the other hand has a list a mile long. I just keep telling him it's too late to add anything, he has already talked to Santa.

Great Pictures!

Chris said...

Santa needs to make his pre-holiday visits in OCTOBER before toys are sold out! :)

jennwa said...

What cute pistures.

Do not feel bad, Colton is not getting what he asked for either.

He told Santa last night he wanted a Gold Mine. A real Gold Mine !!
And the nice Santa told him "Maybe"
I guess I better get to work on that one.

Jaina said...

That sounds like a neat thing. Love those pictures too. :) I'm sure they'll be happy with whatever Santa decides to bring them.

Named Alicia said...

Oh how cute! Yes, sometimes miracles do happen at Christmas;) I am sure they will be just fine with whatever Santa brings. They will be super excited anyway!

Anonymous said...

Yes, maybe Peter will be so excited with what's in front of him that he will not notice (right away) that some things are missing.

Love the pictures. Sarah is ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Like your daughter, mine are still easy to please. I could probably get away with a stocking full of lip gloss for each of them if I was willing to live in a glitter smeared house for the rest of the year.

Corey~living and loving said...

Great post. :) I love the pics. I do hope they are pleased on Christmas. I only let Sugar give Santa some suggestions of things she likes, and he chooses what to get. It works nicely.

Tracy said...

I hear ya! My kids have a few things on their lists Santa is not going to show up with...1. Their sister 2. A rollercoaster

So hopefully all the other gifts will distract them!

Rebekah said...

I love their lists. You have to keep them so they can see them when they get older.

I still have a post a note Josh wrote on when he was in 1st grade. How he wrote and spelled still cracks me up

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

So cute. Bean doesn't have a list yet and her gifts are all bought. I hope she is easily manipulated to WANT what I bought! :)

Christina said...

Oh how cute. I always tell me kids things like Santa says that toy is for over 8 years old so you can't have one. He isn't allowed to put that on his sleigh. And other assorted fibs. I guess my kids think I know everything Santa is thinking.

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