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Friday, May 6, 2022

HIghlight from last weekend!!!

 Last weekend was a busy week for Sarah and the senior class at Bishop McGuinness.

On Thursday, the senior class spent the day off campus on their retreat. Friday was Cupcake Day!  This is a day that all the Seniors wear gear showing where they are going to college, they all gather for a picture, and on their lunch break they put a pin in a map showing where their college is and they all get cupcakes. It's a cute tradition and all the seniors look forward to it because they know once they've reached Cupcake Day, they've almost finished high school!

And then of course, Saturday was PROM!!!  Sarah spent the day doing her hair and her make-up and she had everything timed perfectly. We headed to Gabi's house to drop of her car (she couldn't drive in her dress!) and then we met all of Sarah's gang at the Ceiner Botanical Garden in Kernersville for pictures.  After pictures, they all headed to dinner at Giada's Tratoria and then off to the prom. Dan and I headed to Quanto Basto for a delicious dinner.

This is Sarah's friend group.  They call themselves "The Basement". :)

The whole gang. And if I'm not mistaken, this whole group is going to the beach together after graduation!

I just love this picture of my girl and her daddy.  

And I love this picture of my girl and my mom!

Sarah had a wonderful time at the prom and at the "after party" hanging out with all of her friends.  

On Monday, Sarah went to school and Dan and I headed to Raleigh to help Peter pack up his dorm room! It didn't take as long as I thought it would so in no time, the car was packed full, eveyrthing was swept up and wiped down and just like that Freshman year was over.

I had to snap a picture of him in the empty room before he turned in his keys.

Had to have a picture of him making the Wolfpack sign.

I'm happy to have my boy home for the summer and to have eveyrone under one roof for a few more months!


Madeline said...

Sarah looks BEAUTIFUL. I still really love this cupcake day tradition! And yay for Peter being home!!

Madeline said...
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Billie Jo said...

Your daughter looks beautiful! She just glowed with happiness! Love all the traditions and all the fun. Enjoy these next few weeks, my friend! Hugs!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love Sarah's dress; she looks beautiful!

Cupcake day sounds like so much fun. But it makes me wonder, what if someone chooses to not attend college? Or does that not happen at her school?

Enjoy having your full house. Happy Mother's day.

Gigi said...

Sarah's dress is divine and she looks so gorgeous and grown up! What is it with freshman boys (who graduated from a high school that didn't allow facial hair) growing beards? Mine did the same.

I know you will be so happy to have all your chicks back home for the summer. Enjoy!

Mari said...

Oh man - Sarah looks so beautiful and grown up! I loved the pics, especially the one of you and Dan. There is something about a girl and her Dad...
Hooray for Peter being home for the summer.

Pat Birnie said...

What fabulous pics! I love that they call themselves The Basement- is that because they hang in everyone’s basement? That hot pink dress is so cute, as is the girl wearing it. Must feel good to have Peter home for the summer.

Ernie said...

I love her dress. Why do they call themselves the basement? They hang out in friends' basements? The cupcake day sounds like a fun tradition too. Exciting times. I drove to Omaha and picked up Tank. Good to have him home. Already car juggling. And so it begins.