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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

A month has passed since my last post and here's what's been happening...

Yikes! It's been almost an entire month since I last posted!  Let me scroll through my camera roll and see if I can get you all caught up.

On April 6th, Sarah made her presentation on what she learned during Winterim. Doesn't she look so professional?

My hummingbirds have come back!  It's always a sure sign that spring is here when they arrive!

Sarah finally decided where she is going to go to college! UNC Charlotte - here she comes!  UNCC is my alma mater so I am thrilled that she is going there.  I think Charlotte is the perfect city for her - so much to see and do and so many job opportunities and I think the campus at UNCC is perfect for her as well. I hope she's as happy there as I was!

Easter was a little weird this year. Dan and Sarah had Friday off so we headed to Raleigh to spend the day with Peter. We all attended the Good Friday service at Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral. Then we went to an Italian restaurant for pasta afterwards for dinner. Then we said goodbye to Peter, gave him his Easter goodies, and headed back home. I am never very good about taking pictures when we visit him.  I know he hates a camera in his face and I'm just so happy when we are all four together that I forget to whip out the phone and document it.

Instead of my normal picture of the kids in front of the fireplace with their Easter baskets this year, we have this picture of my girl which I remembered to take just before we headed out the door to Mass.

Please notice the UNCC sweatshirt and tee shirt!  I need to get some gear myself!

And this is the only other Easter photo I got.  My mom had been under the weather for a week and a half with bronchitis but still manged to prepare a delicious Easter meal for us and put together a beautiful basket for Sarah. Please note the smaller baskets in the background.  Even though I'm 52, mom still makes me an Easter basket! Because no matter how old I am, I'm still going to like chocolate!  :)

All the guys in Peter's fraternity have their pictures made every year and put into a composite photo.  Here's Peter's:

He looks like such a grown-up here!  I guess it's the beard or maybe just the fact that he is 19. Where's my baby?????

Last week, Dan had a business trip to Germany and Sarah went with the Senior class to Disney World.  And I was stuck at home...whomp whomp whomp.  

It wasn't too bad though.  I didn't do any cooking or cleaning or laundry.  But I did have lunch with the bestie. I went to a training class for early voting and had lunch with another friend. I went to Target and leisurely pursued the aisles.  I ran errands and went to lunch with my mom. And last but not least, I binge watched the entire season of Ultimatum on Netflix.  I loved Love is Blind and was skeptical about Ultimatum but I really enjoyed it.  And sad but true, I'm anxiously awaiting more seasons of either of these shows.

Oh, and at the end of last week, Peter went with his fraternity to the beach for their end of year formal weekend.  This is all making me feel very left out.  I need a trip somewhere!

Here's a few pictures from everyone else's travels:

 Beer with a view in Hamburg, Germany.

Peter and his pledge class with their pledge master.

And here are a few pics from Disney:

Starting tomorrow, I'll be working the polls for early voting for the county primaries. If you will recall, I did this in 2020 for early voting in November and it was extremely busy.  I am thinking that this year will be a little more mild in comparison since there aren't really any heated races in our area and since it's just the primaries. 

Sarah's prom is on Saturday and we are praying for no rain.  And we are going to move Peter out of his dorm on Monday as he will be finished with his first year of college.  Wow!  His freshman year really flew by!

I'll try not to wait another month until I post again, but I can't make any promises. :)


Madeline said...

First off, it's not just you. Peter looks incredibly grown up! (How is he DONE with his Freshman year already?!) Sarah does look wonderfully professional and I am so happy for her to have picked a great school for her. I will cross my fingers and say a prayer for no rain on Saturday for prom! And with all the other's travels, I do think you're in need of a trip somewhere!

Colleen said...

Your kids look so grown up and handsome/gorgeous!! It's so fun when they attend your alma mater :) Congrats all around and I hope the Prom is sunny and dry!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Newsflash: Peter is a man.
Sorry about that. It happens.

Congratulations to Sarah on her college choice; that is very exciting.

YOU DO NEED A TRIP. You should plan a girls weekend with a friend or two; it's the best thing ever.

Gigi said...

Wow - things HAVE been busy in your world! I love Sarah's professional outfit. Time certainly does fly - we just received a college graduation notice from a colleague...I swear we just sent her to college last year.

I'm very jealous of you having the house to yourself for a week. I need to send my husband somewhere for a while!

Mari said...

Such cute pics of both of your kids! And they both are looking so old - what is with that?
Congrats to Sara for choosing a college!
I love that your mom still does an Easter basket for you.

Billie Jo said...

Hello, my fellow Mom -in- Disbelief. Where did our babies go??? Your littles have grown into wonderful young people. Good job, Mom! And it is nice to have some time alone to binge and eat what we want, right? My people were scattered a few weeks ago, so I ordered Pizza Hut and watched crappy Lifetime movies! I love that your mom makes baskets for you. That makes my heart happy. Have a happy prom weekend!

Ernie said...

You have been busy. You do need a vacay. Mini has prom today too and there is a 75% rain. Congrats on Sarah's college decision. Mini was considering my alma mater until she got the scholarship. Peter is a man. I know May is busy. Enjoy all the upcoming events.