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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A numbered list....

 A list of random things I've been up to lately....

1. Well, I managed to sell one of the pairs of pants I posted on Poshmark.  And honestly, I think I sold them because I priced them too low.  But $12 profit is better than $0 profit.  But the other items I posted are just sitting there looking sad and lonely.  I think with reselling, the key is volume. So I guess I should post more items and see what happens.

2.  Do any of you play Wordle?  I love it!  I've been trying to get Dan to play but he won't.  Peter plays every day and we text our results to each other. Sarah plays it but doesn't really care one way or the other.  For those that don't know what it is, read this. I love this game because there's only one word each day and everyone gets the exact same word.  I've been playing for about 2 months now and have only missed it once!  I take my Wordle very seriously!  :)  Further proof that I need a job....

3. Sarah and I went prom dress shopping recently and she didn't see anything she liked at the mall. So a week  later she went to some other stores with a couple of her friends and also didn't like anything she saw. So she came home and ordered three dresses online. The first one finally came yesterday, and while it is really pretty on her and fits well, it's white and see through. And the material is weird. So, that one is going back today. 

The other two were ordered  over a week ago and have yet to ship so we are getting a little nervous. The prom is at the end of April and whatever dress she chooses will most likely need to be shortened.  I think we've decided that if those dresses haven't shipped by the end of this week, we will be going shopping again.  

4. I continue to struggle to lose weight. I've been doing low carb for over a month now and it's not working. I miss the good old days when I could skip carbs for a month and lose 7 or 8 pounds. Those days are long gone. So I've decided to try a simple low calorie approach. I've looked at quite a few calorie calculators online and have determined the amount of calories I think I need to eat per day  to lose one pound per week. Hopefully doing it that slowly will mean I can keep it off. I'm also trying to up my water intake to 90 ounces per day.  ***excuses herself to go to the bathroom AGAIN*** And I've also been doing online workouts every morning.  Hopefully I will see results by the end of the spring.

5. This was my lunch yesterday:

It looks weird but was actually very good. It was a cup and a half of quinoa/lentil/rice blend from Aldi topped with salmon, cucumbers, and sriracha sauce.  Very tasty!

6. Dan was complaining that our kitchen faucet was dripping while running. The water would come out in a stream like it was supposed to but it would also drip from the sides at the same time. The screen over the faucet head was broken in a couple of places so I'm assuming that was the cause. There was also a chip on the outside which didn't effect the operation of the faucet but didn't look too attractive. 

Dan was looking up the model number to order a new one. I remembered that we had a previous issue with the faucet and Kohler sent us a new hose assembly for free which Dan was able to successfully replace.  I contacted Kohler about this latest issue and they are sending us a new facet. The only problem is that they will have to make a new one and that can take up to 60 days. That's not a problem since the current faucet works.  It's like I always say, "If it's free it's for me!" 

7. On Saturday, I took Sarah to have some Senior pictures made. I found a photographer with the cutest little greenhouse that she uses as a backdrop.  Sarah took three outfit changes and while it was chilly, it was sunny thankfully. The photographer took a bunch of shots and I can't wait to see them!  Hopefully she will have the sneak peak ready soon because Sarah and I are getting anxious to see them.

8. I read about these Solve-A-Mystery kits you can order from a company called Hunt A Killer. Each month you get a new box with clues to the mystery.  Each "season" contains six "episodes" so basically you get the story line and clues to solve one murder in 6 boxes. 

I love Dateline, The First 48, and all those type shows so I really wanted to give it a try. You could   order a full season's subscription and they would ship one episode a month, or you could order all six episodes at once if it was an older one, or you could just order one box to see if you would like it. I ordered just one box because Dan wasn't quite as excited by it as I was and I wanted to see how fun/complicated/intriguing it was before committing to more money.

We "played" it on Sunday afternoon. It took us about an hour to read over all information/clues that came with the first box.  Each box has an objective you need to complete in order to move on to the next box. We got background on the victim, "met" a lot of the local town folks, learned some history of the town, etc.  It's kind of a neat concept but the clues were kind of obvious and Dan had the first objective figured out minutes after reading and watching all the info. (There's also an online component.) It was a wee bit cheesy as well so we've decided not to get any of the other boxes. 

If anyone has any fun things to do as an old married soon-to-be empty nest couple, please let me know because murder mystery boxes just aren't going to do the trick.

8. I'll leave you all with a picture of  The Easter Buddy. :)



Kara said...

We did three "seasons" of to Hunt a Killer. I wound up getting a big cork board and it was the Murder Board. After the first time, we figured out that it's best to have a month or two in hand before starting, since the first box is usually just the intro box.

My nest isn't empty (yet) the youngest is a freshman in high school. But we have boxes of Trivial Pursuit questions laying around, and will ask each other trivia. My husband bought himself a travel trailer for his 40th birthday, so we now go camping- sans children- about one weekend a month. It's a fun way to explore our state!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my. I remember ALL the prom dress shopping that we did back in the day; my girls usually found them at Macy's or Dillards. Good luck.
I can't wait to see her senior pictures.
I don't think I'd have the patience do do that mystery box.

Gigi said...

I do LOVE Wordle - although today's word...there were just too many options! I had the first four letters on the second try...but it took me until the last possible try to figure it out.

Occasionally, I will play Quordle - but usually only the practice games. That is a challenge let tell you.

My husband is not a "game" player - so he does his thing and I do mine. Of the two of us, I seem to be more capable at keeping myself busy and amused.

Colleen said...

Love Wordle too, but not the mystery shows you watch - I would never sleep - ha! Good luck on the diet plans, it sure is a struggle but we're in it together :)

Madeline said...

I love Wordle. I had such a day last Friday I forgot to play and broke my streak but at least I haven't lost yet. We've done Date Box where they send you an activity, and you take a little quiz to say what kind of activities you'd like. We've enjoyed that. One was an Escape room in a box and it was pretty fun.

Fingers crossed on the diet and prom dress search!

Ernie said...

I do not play Wordle. Day to day life is challenging enough for me, I guess - that's my excuse. I need no other things to do. I do know that people are super excited about it.

Fingers crossed that the other prom dresses work. Mini took grad photos at school, but forgot it was picture day. Hmm. Can't imagine they were all that great, but I now can't even see them. I emailed the company and have heard nothing back. I do not recall getting an email notification about proofs. I'm not thrilled to add grad photos to my list of things to do. I usually just do the ones from school. Sigh.

Freaky, but while traveling in Europe, I was unable to access your blog. It gave me a message that your blog was invite only and apparently my email wasn't on the list - I was trying to figure out how to let you know that but I was able to access it today from my desktop. Am I the only one that had this issue? And if you go to invite only, will I make the cut? ;)

Billie Jo said...

Exciting things happening around your house, my friend!! Hope she finds the perfect one arrives soon! And I love all those shows! Forensic Files is the best! Have a cozy evening and weekend, my friend.