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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Sunsets and Poshmark.

Dan made it home from Switzerland on Thursday night.  Peter was supposed to spend Friday night with some friends but the host was sick so that got cancelled. I felt bad for him because he had been wanting to see all of these friends together since the beginning of his break. Sarah hung out with friends at the baseball game on Friday night and text me this cool picture of the sunset:

 It was funny because Dan, Peter, and I had gone on a ride through downtown Winston-Salem after dinner and Peter, who was driving, had just looked in the rear-view mirror and exclaimed, "Look at the awesome sunset!"  And then proceeded to predict that his Instagram was going to be full of girls posting sunset pictures...and two seconds later I received this picture from Sarah!  Who later went on to post it on her Instagram!  :)

This was the shot I grabbed from the car.  It was cool but I refrained from posting it on Instagram. :) 

Saturday was the usual errands, housework, and Mass and Sunday was lunch at Mom's and then the drive back to Raleigh to deposit Peter to N.C. State.

And now it's back to regular life with Dan and work and Sarah at school and Peter in Raleigh.  I'm attempting to sell some things on Poshmark.  I tried listing some things on there last year and literally after over a full year, I finally sold one item a couple of weeks ago.  But Peter pulled out a few pairs of nice jeans from his closet that don't fit him and I decided to give it another shot before  just donating them like I normally do. If anyone of you has had any luck as a reseller, let me know all of your tips and tricks!


Colleen said...

I hope you have success selling those pants. I used to bring our "good" clothes to a second hand store in our town, where you would earn money when they sold, but the owner kept rejecting so many of my items that my pride was hurt and I just donate everything now. Like this is a SECOND HAND store, right?? :)

Gigi said...

No tips for re-selling. I donate everything. The Husband convinced me to have exactly ONE yard sale (eons ago before moving here) in the dead of winter (in Texas, but still...) and I swore, "Never again."

I do understand that some people can actually figure out how to make re-selling items viable but I just don't have the time or the patience.

And yes, that is an AWESOME sunset!

Mari said...

Both those sunset shots are awesome! My daughter resells things all the time and does well. I have no luck, so you want no advice from me! :)

Pat Birnie said...

That's a beautiful picture of Sarah & the sunset and also hilarious that Peter called in on the IG flood of photos. I asked a question about Raleigh in the comments on your last post...any pub or restaurant recommendations? Seems to be a regular spot for you guys!

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is an amazing sunset; God was busy at work with his paintbrush.

I've never sold anything (or bought) on Poshmark so I'm no help. Sorry.