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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A little bit of this and whole lot of nothing!

It's been a while since I checked in here so I thought I would give a brief update of what we've been doing.

...insert the sound of crickets chirping...

Well, that about sums it up!


I feel like I don't do anything anymore.  I get groceries, cook meals, and do laundry and that's about it.  I really need a hobby or something to do with my time.  Any good suggestions? 

Every time I pick up a book, I get bored and can't seem to focus. Maybe I just need a better book. I've tried painting and I find that very stressful. The fact that I'm not artistic and paint like a toddler is probably the reason. I see a closet or a drawer that needs to be organized and it all seems pointless. It's just going to get messed up again. 

I do try to walk 3 miles 4 or 5 times a week but again it seems pointless as my weight remains high.  Every morning I think perhaps I should do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred again but I get annoyed at the mere thought of that. 

Does anyone have any good hobby suggestions?  I really probably should just get a job and I most likely will sooner rather than later because my kids are practically GROWN and don't need  me any longer.

Speaking of getting a job - Sarah started work at a pool over the weekend.  She was nervous on her first day but she said it went well.  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow she is taking an SAT Prep Class at the community college but will head back to work on Thursday. 

She drove herself to her class and like I said, my kids are practically GROWN and don't need me any longer.

Peter continues to apply for jobs but has had no luck so far.  Part of me just wants to tell him to give up at this point because school will be starting in less than a month.  But, another part of me thinks he should keep looking because if there is no football season, he will need something to do in his spare time and a part-time job would be good.  Although applying for college will practically be a part-time job so again, I'm torn.  He is taking a boot camp in a couple of weeks at school to get ahead of the application process, the essay writing process, etc.

Speaking of school - the first day for my kids is August 25th and yes, they will be going back to actual school.  (At least for now.  I hope they are able to stay open.)  There is a remote learning option for kids who don't want to be back in the actual classroom.  This week, the school will be sending us an email with all the protocols and what being back in the classroom will look like.

Dan continues to work from home and because all of the public school systems in our area are starting with remote learning, I imagine his work will remain remote as well. 

Our tomatoes are just starting to turn red and I was able to have my first tomato sandwich yesterday for lunch.  I also made this delicious Caprese salad as a side dish.  Tomatoes with a side of tomatoes is normal, right?

I wouldn't be a good southern girl if I didn't make my tomato sandwich with Duke's and drink it with a glass of sweet tea!

Dan and I continue to keep the local brewery in business with our Sunday evening dates.

And that is pretty much all we've been up to.


Gigi said...

The high school plans to have in-person classes? How?! Our county is supposed to give us a decision tonight regarding returning to school. I have a feeling it will be the five weeks online option - that will most likely be extended.

Counted stitch is what has been eating up a lot of my time lately. Or, looking for projects that I can do around the house - in addition to the usual cleaning, laundry, work. *sigh*

Mari said...

I had a tomato sandwich for lunch, with the rest of the tomato on the side!
We don't have Dukes in our area. I've heard it's the best!
yay for Sarah and her new job!

thismammablogs.x said...

What a lovely blog, as Hobbies go I love to craft and make accessories for the home they look so pretty , well done Sarah getting her job

cynthiasolc said...

Weightlifting as a hobby? I don't know, I gained some weight over Christmas last year and found the non-child-friendly of this article on the internet:

The plan is pretty easy to follow: weights, a good set of steps and count.every.calorie to get your deficit + lots and lots of protein.

I thought I would reach my goal by Summer, but honestly it's looking more like next Christmas. It takes time and it's actually not awful. Offering it up to God and 2020 being 2020 makes this a good year of detachment from food!

Good luck finding something that works for you :)

Madeline said...

Finding a hobby is hard! Glad your tomato sandwiches didn't disappoint! I had been planning on launching M to Kindergarten and finding some sort of job, but with this year being so unknown whether they'll end up at home I think probably this is not the time for that. Hope Peter can find something he likes!

Ernie said...

Our schools are splitting the kids in two groups. Hybrid. Some groups go 2 days. Other groups go the other 2 days.

I only like tomato chopped up in my salad. The taste needs to be dispersed, or something. Only started eating them after I was diagnosed with celiac. I am adjusting I guess because those pics looked delish.

College applications are a full time job.

Hobbies . . . do you scrap book? I don't but I do photo albums. I am working to update my albums. I ordered clear little bins for my kitchen junk drawers and I am shocked at how organized they still are 8 mos later. I laughed at your description of your painting abilities.