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Friday, July 17, 2020

Cape Cod 2020 - Part 2

On Tuesday we headed to Boston. It's nice that the Cape isn't too far and it makes for a nice little day trip. Peter found a shoe store he was interested in going to so we dropped him off there and drove around while he looked. (Didn't want to pay for parking becasue parking in Boston is expensive!) We didn't have to drive around too long because the store he was in was small and very expensive. After that we decided we would end up staying in that area as it was near where we stayed when we went to the Patriots game.

We parked in the garage at the hotel we stayed in and went into the shopping malls that were attached to the hotel and the overstreet bridges.   The mall is pretty high-end and Peter wanted to just look around the Versace store. 

We were greeted at the door by an employee and I told her we just wanted to look around the store.  I'm sure she could tell by the way we were dressed that we weren't actually going to be purchasing anything. She said that was fine but that due to Covid-19 we would have to be escorted around the store by an employee who would be wiping down anything we touched. 

Um, no thanks.  So after doing a little window shopping we left and went for a walk through the Boston Common and the Public Garden.

Then we went to the Nike store where Peter wanted to browse the latest shoe offerings and Sarah went to Anthrolpologie.  After visiting those stores we had lunch outside on the sidewalk at Mangionne's Italian Restauarnt. 

When we got back, we biked over to Seagull Beach and enjoyed a nice windy walk by the ocean.

On Wednesday we were up bright and early because Peter and Dan were going fishing!

Sarah and I drove them to Hyannis and dropped them off at 7:30 to catch the boat they were going out on.  They spent the morning fishing for porgy and scup while Sarah and I enjoyed coffee, breakfast, and shopping in Hyannis. 

We picked them up around lunchtime and headed to The Skipper for some lunch. 
Clam Chowdah!

Trying to be healthy after the chowder!

On Thursday, Dick and Jillian came to visit and they brought Uncle Bob!  It was so nice to see him looking so good after his bout with Covid-19!

We went to lunch at Captain Parker's (more chowder!) and then went to the beach.

After they left we headed out for some Mexican food!

It was very humid on this day!  Look at that wild hair!

  We also drove out to Gray's Beach to watch the sunset.

On Friday we spent the day cleaning, packing up, going to the dump, etc.  It was a cloudy day with nothing exciting going on but we did manage to go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee drinks (the kids both have their favorites), and we ordered pizza for dinner which is our last night at the Cape tradition and of course, ice cream. 

We had a great time at the Cape.  It was definitely different this year with the masks, all the restaurants with tables set up in the parking lot, and just a lot less people than normal.  I am thankful we were able to go and I'm hopeful that next year will be more like we are used to. 


Mari said...

Looks like such a good time! I love that pic of Peter with his fish!

Madeline said...

Awesome! It looks like a wonderful trip!

Ernie said...

I love Boston. That Versace store incident reminds me slightly of the scene with Julia Roberts in Prett Womanwhen the store people don'twant to help her. I know different, but still awkward. Love the pics and love to see that Uncle Bob is doing well.

Colleen said...

Love your cape cod recaps!

Kelli said...

Aww cape cod and Boston! I love both especially Boston! Looks like you had a great time!