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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Our socially distant weird but sort of normal weekend.

We had a nice weekend!  On Saturday we grilled out burgers.  Peter wanted to be in charge of the grill so he handled the meat while I took care of the french fries.  I hauled out the Fry Daddy from the basement and actually fried the french fries instead of baking them.  So good and yes, I'm still gaining weight instead of losing any.  Why do you ask?

On Sunday we went to Mass INSIDE our church which was nice because the car thermometer was reading 81 degrees at 9:30 as we were driving to church so an outdoor Mass would have been miserable. 

We had to wear masks and use hand sanitizers before we entered the sanctuary, and the ushers seated everyone so we couldn't sit in our "normal" spot.  Everyone has a normal spot at church, right?  It's not just us being weird, is it?

And they left a pew empty between each pew with people.  And we were 6 feet apart from the next family beside us and the Eucharistic Ministers brought communion to us and they used hand sanitizer between distributing to each family and it was all very weird but at least it's another step closer to normal church.  Which probably won't be normal for another year or two.  .....sigh...

After church we headed to my mom's for lunch to do our family birthday celebration for Sarah.  My brother grilled out steaks and mom fixed twice baked potatoes and salad and it was all delicious!  And mom made a birthday cake for Sarah and we sang and opened presents. 

And then on Sunday evening Dan and I went to a brewery for a beer!  Our governor won't allow bars to open but he has allowed breweries and wineries to open.  A new brewery in Lexington opened in March right before everything had to close down so we went and enjoyed an adult beverage!

And that was our socially distant weird but sort of normal weekend.


Madeline said...

We had a normal spot in church too. However, I honestly don't know when we will be able to go back to that spot. (So many rules and regulations, we still aren't having public Masses and once they resume kids who haven't had first communion aren't allowed... so...)

So glad you had a normalish weekend!

Ernie said...

Looks fun and normal. We have a normal spot in church partly becauae the kids leave to attend religious ed, Coach and I leave too to teach RE. We put felt strips down to save our seats. My folks sit across the isle but they won't be going back to church for a long time. My dad has luekemia and catching covid is certain death for him. Our church is opening this weekend. We need to reserve a spot at our mass and we plan to volunteer taking temperatures and checking people in to see if they have a reservation and walking them to a seat. Yes, weird.