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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

June 24th already?

Is it already Wednesday?  Yikes?  How did that happen?  Mid March to mid May passed so very slowly so now I'm left wondering how it got to be June 24th so quickly.

I guess actually having some things to do makes the time pass.  We've had dental and doctor appointments keeping us very busy. I had to have an MRI (regularly scheduled due to my MS) and Sarah has had to have some dental work done that is keeping us on our toes. Peter has been having socially distanced football workouts which I think is the only thing keeping him sane these days and the only thing keeping Sarah sane is the fact that we can finally get her driver's license!

The governor passed the bill saying that those who have met all the driving requirements can get their license without the in-car test.  Although we will have to go back at some point in the future to get that (which will seem very strange given that she will have already been driving alone.)  We have an appointment at the DMV on Tuesday morning and she is counting the days - literally.  She actually made one of those paper ring chains that you make in preschool to countdown and has been removing a ring daily.  It's kind of cute how excited she is!

We celebrated Father's Day on Sunday with Mass, gifts and cards and lunch of steak and baked potatoes with my mom and brother.  And in the evening Dan and I had a beer at Goose and Monkey Brewery - socially distanced of course.

And in one final note, I purchased a cute little sunflower.  I was excited when I noticed our resident yellow finch couple delighted in it as much as I did.

If you look closely you can see the female sitting on the top left of the plant and the male sitting on the top right of the plant (as you are looking at this picture).

What I was not as happy about is the fact that they ate every single seed out of this plant and totally killed it!  And left a bunch of discarded sunflower seed shells all over the table to boot!

I hope they enjoyed their sunflower buffet!


Gigi said...

It's the whole "the days are long but the years are short" quote that was bandied about quite a bit when our children were small. And it is/was true - the same as it is with this pandemic.

Man-Child's new team is also doing social distancing work outs. I asked why, since it's entirely possible that they won't even play this year. He told me that in the event they DO play at least they will be ready and won't have to play cold. This is important apparently, since some of the kids playing haven't been doing any workouts at all since all this insanity started.

Ernie said...

I am still not able to tell what day it is but it is getting a bit more clear since kids are working, I am sometimes sitting, and the pace of life is starting to return. I just got an email that Curly will be returning to the studio to dance tomorrow. I am officially on the verge of tears. I HATE the thought of driving her there 3 or 4x a week. I am excited about your bird visitors. I see a yellow finch on my walk sometimes. So pretty. Sorry they ate the whole flower.

Madeline said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe you will have 2 drivers!! They grew up so fast! I love that she made a paper chain, we do those for Santa at our house. :)

Mari said...

Glad Sarah's countdown is finally over!
Those birds had a great meal. Can't believe they killed the plant!

Kelli said...

That's wonderful Sarah is able to get her license soon...without the stressful driving test.
Love your sunflower...sorry the birds got to it. I'm having a terrible time with my flowers this year and it's not the birds it me...
Hope you have a great week!