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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Update on life....

The kids are on Day 3 of virtual learning.  I guess it's going well.  They prefer the days where they check in with each class and have to be at their computer the whole day to the days where they are just working on assignments.  I think it makes them feel more connected to their classes and to their friends when they are Google Hangout and Zoom so they can actually interact as a class. 

Currently, they are doing class all day on Tuesday and Thursday but I'm wondering if this goes longer than two weeks (as I'm sure it will) if they will switch to that more often during the week.  I guess we will see how it goes. I am thankful that our school was basically prepared to move to this type of learning environment.  All the students have MacBooks and this seems to be going fairly well so far.  I'm praying that they are continuing to learn everything they need to learn. 

Dan's trip to Seattle was officially canceled/postponed yesterday so that's a relief.  And as of now, he is still going into the office but he said that could change.  He said there is one guy that spends his whole day wiping down surfaces.  He comes by multiple times a day to wipe the door handle to Dan's cubicle.

Dan is concerned about our wifi bandwidth if he works from home all day with the kids doing school all day.  It could be interesting.

I went out yesterday to see if I could find toilet paper and I was successful!

However, in the process, I bought more groceries which we didn't need because seeing all the shelves so bare freaked me out.  I know we aren't going to run out of food but my brain kept saying - "But what if we do?  Protect your family.  Buy all the things!"

The governor has ordered that restaurants switch to take-out only and I'm wondering how long that's going to last.  I would not be surprised if they switched to no restaurant food at all.  A local Chick-Fil-A has closed for the time being because one of their staff members has tested positive.  :(

There is no mass here (weekend or weekday) until further notice but our sanctuary will remain open.

All the YMCAs here have closed but the gym that we go to has not.  I  am not going  because I think on a good day, the gym is full of disgusting regular germs.  Even with everyone "wiping down" the machines, there are so many opportunities to pass on germs unknowingly.  And I figure if I'm advising my mom not to go, then I need to take my own advice.

My Keurig has been sputtering and making noises and not giving out full cups of coffee and occasionally not even brewing any coffee even though I just descaled it in January.  So while I was out yesterday I ran into  Kohls and put my 30% off coupon to good use and got a new one.  Isn't she pretty?

I cleaned out the guest bedroom closet which housed all of our craft supplies, school supplies, random oversized kitchen appliances, cleaning products, etc.  I did not do a before and after of the closet but it looks really good in there now. 

Yesterday I cleaned out the fridge and sorted out the pantry items and moved some excess into space I created in the garage.  I typically have quite a few canned goods on hand but two weeks ago our parish participated in a canned food drive and I basically emptied out my pantry of all canned goods knowing I could get any whenever I needed.  So I kind of freaked out a little bit when I went to the store last week and there were NONE!  So I probably bought a few too many (although I followed the guidelines posted at the store) when I went this week. 

My mom reminded me this morning that it is Spring today!  Spring?  Are you sure it isn't the middle of the longest darkest winter night in Alaska?  That's sort of what it feels like in my brain but it's going to be 77 today and 80 tomorrow so I guess spring is coming outside whether or not it feels like it in my mind. 

I pulled out the breadmaker the other day and made a nice loaf of fresh bread.  It was yummy.

Today after school, Sarah wants to make banana bread so I'm sure this will be me very soon:



Billie Jo said...

You are doing great, my friend!
Much the same here.
Except we are old pros at the homeschooling gig!
And I was just reading today that we should not add extra stress on ourselves by using the scale to check our weight.
Don't have to tell me twice!
Virtual hugs from PA.

Madeline said...

Our governor shut everything down so there's nothing to go out to do. Last night I met some friends at church and we prayed a rosary. (Less than 10 of us, all sitting more than 6 feet away.) That was good. Hope your WiFi keeps up and you all stay healthy!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lots of stuff has closed down here today, including our beaches today. ;(
But, we all have to do something to stop this insanity.
The bread looks really good. I've been eating more lately and more bad stuff lately. I'm gonna be the 30 day pic in about 2 weeks.
I hope the virtual classes go well for the kids; I'm sure it sounded better than it really is being at home all day.
Stay the course.