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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

More closures, more tulips, and tacos!

The governor announced on Monday that public schools will be out until May 15th and the catholic schools are following suit.  UGH!!!!!  I get it but UGH!!!!!

In addition to that, by 5:00 PM today, all salons (hair and nail), movie theatres, gyms, pools, masage parlors, tattoo parlors, skating rinks, gaming parlors, etc.  are all to be closed until further notice. 

I am hoping and praying that all of this works but in the meantime, I am just feeling a little defeated BUT I'm trying to stay positive by remembering that we all have our health, Dan still thankfully has his job, the kids haven't killed each other yet - although they almost did yesterday, we have plenty of food, the weather for the weekend is looking really good and that ultimately, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

How was that for a really long sentence?

I made tacos out of ground chicken meat last night.  They were pretty good but give me ground beef any day.  The recipe called for heating the shells, then filling the shells with meat and cheese and then putting them back in the oven for 10  minutes for the shells to get really crispy.  I've never done that before and y'all - they were SO good!  That one extra step made a world of difference!

Our outdoor tulips are starting to bloom:

Also, I've been trying to coax spring-like weather by making our front porch a little more springy:

And my indoor tulips look really nice as well.  Here's a picture from this morning:

Someone I follow on Instagram mentioned that tulips continue to grow after they are cut (how is that possible?) and that she trims the stems every couple of days when she is changing out the water.  She also recommends putting them outside in the cool air in the morning to keep them looking fresh.  Similar to how florists keep their flowers in refrigerators.  I've followed those tips and I must say that this round of tulips is looking really nice and they aren't opening as fast which means I will be able to enjoy them longer!

I really need to get my butt in gear - literally.  Every day I proclaim "today's the day I'm going to do an online workout" and then I never do it. But I really do need to do something. I had just started to get into a good routine at the gym and now I feel like all that progress has been lost.  So maybe today is the day I will do an online workout....  I'll keep you posted.


Madeline said...

I feel you. Today is finally nice enough for the kids to play outside and that helps so much. Your tulips are beautiful, inside and outside versions!!

Gigi said...

Our county just announced a Stay Home Order - which makes me wonder if our building will be closed? I adore tulips but figure I won't be able to get out and get any so I'll just have to enjoy the few I have in the yard. *Makes a mental note to buy more tulip bulbs*

Mari said...

Our state (Mich) is locked down and no one is working but essential workers. Some of the places that are deemed essential are kind of questionable and so many people are still out doing their own thing.
You know I love the tulips! I've heard tulips continue to grow too and I've done that trimming thing too.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Great tips on the tacos and tulips!
I feel like a bowl of jello after having the flu (no exercise) and now this.
But, like you said, this too shall pass.

Ernie said...

I told Mini yesterday during our 5 mile walk that this could be the time- with all hands on deck we could get our yard to be the best in the neighborhood. Mini was like 'um, our yard will NEVER . . . ' I was like, yeah. You're right. So I will just enjoy your tulips.

There was a skirmish at 2:20 am the other night between a few of our boys. Good times.

Illinois has been on stay-at-home order since Sat or Sun. Coach is essential as a PT so he is still going to his clinic. They take each patient's temperature before they are treated. We are supposed to go back to school April 7th but I doubt that.