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Thursday, February 13, 2020


Well, it's raining again.  Or rather, it's still raining.  I'm over it. 

So other than complain about the weather, what's been going on around here?

Well, we went to the high school basketball game last Friday night.  The girls won, the boys lost. 

We did things around the house on Saturday morning and then in the evening, Sarah and I joined Jennifer and Cheyanne at the Girl Scout Cookie booth.  Oh and oddly enough, last Saturday it stopped raining long enough to snow.  It was big wet flakes that didn't stick but it was a cold evening to be selling cookies.

Due to the cold and that the fact that there weren't a ton of people at the grocery store at 7:00 PM on a Saturday evening, we shut the booth down early.  Peter had spent the day working on a group project and was going to dinner at Panera to finish the presentation so Dan joined Sarah and I for dinner.

Then on Sunday morning, Dan hoped on a plane to Germany while Peter and I went to Boy Scout Sunday at the church where he is a scout.  Peter was involved in the Eagle Scout ceremony - one of his friends was receiving his Eagle award and I was helping out in the kitchen.

The troop does a big spaghetti lunch after the service to raise money.  The parents do the cooking and the scouts do the serving.  It was a long morning and afternoon but we survived!  I actually spent most of the morning with Sarah's girl scout leader.  We were in charge of washing all the dishes. Thankfully this church has an industrial dishwasher which we were using. But it wasn't huge so we did multiple loads.

We had quite the system down.  Frances rinsed and loaded.  I removed,dried, and put away.  By the time I got done putting away, there was another load ready to be done.

We washed pots, pans, silverware, and serving trays for over TWO HOURS!  And that was with this industrial machine.  This machine was basically like a pressure washer for dishes that used ultra-hot water.  I got lots of good steam facials and we were both sweaty by the time we got done!

Later that evening, the kids and I went to Mass (Dan went Saturday night) and then we grabbed salads from Chopt to-go.  Jennifer's older daughter was working and we were happy to get to see her while we were there.  Plus our salads were really good. 

This entire week I have been off a day.  You know - on Tuesday you think it's Wednesday, on Wednesday you think it's Thursday, so that's made this week seem longer than normal.

Dan will be home tonight assuming the weather doesn't mess up his flights.  The weather forecasters are saying that when the rain moves out tonight, a cold front will come through so it might actually feel like winter around here this weekend.  I don't care how cold it is as long as it STOPS RAINING!

Okay - that may be a little aggressive but that's not too far from how I'm feeling!


Gigi said...

I hear you about the rain! I actually saw a hint of blue sky on the drive home this afternoon - I almost fainted.

Madeline said...

Oh yuck! We haven't had rain but I know how gloomy I felt during out 13 cloudy day streak, I hope it ends for you!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Busy Bee Suz said...

We haven't had much rain at all; hoping your skies clear up soon.