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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and whole lotta fat cat...

Dan made it home on Thursday evening and the rain eventually stopped.  It's still been cloudy but every now and then the sun pokes through and it gives me hope!  And the days are getting lighter and that makes me very happy!

On Friday, Valentine's Day, Sarah stayed in Kernersville with a friend who has her license.  They went to Chick-Fil-A and then to Starbucks and then back to school to watch the last varsity regular season home games.

Peter came home from school but then left before Dan got home to meet some friends for dinner in Kernersville before the basketball game.  So it was just me and Dan for dinner which I didn't even eat because I was still full from lunch. (My sweet brother took me and mom out for a delicious lunch at 2520 in Clemmons.)

Then Dan and I headed to school for the basketball games.  It may seem weird that we go to the games even though we don't have kids playing but I really enjoy watching high school basketball and we have season passes to all the sporting events so it's like free entertainment...or technically all ready paid for entertainment!

Sarah's friend spent the night Friday night and then they went out to lunch and shopping and basically Sarah was living her best life now that she has a friend that can drive. 

She was home in time for Peter to leave and go out to dinner with his friends.  So he is living his best life as well.  No worries - more brisket for us! 

Sarah started watching Survivor with us last season so after dinner the three of us settled in to watch the first episode of the new season.  Dan and I have watched all FORTY seasons!  Dang I feel old! 

We  headed to church on Sunday morning and then had lunch at mom's and before we knew it, it was Monday.  Dan had to work but Peter and Sarah did not have school.

I am a horrible mother and had scheduled dentist appointments for them both AND a doctor's appointment for Peter.  Peter was very annoyed with me because the doctor's appointment was at 8:30 AM.  This appointment was  a last minute thing (I failed to make him one earlier and he needs his physical updated to run track and it was all they had) but I was just glad they had an opening.  I had to listen to a lot of whining and complaining but I was okay with that.  I hate when the kids have to miss school for appointments and I love it when I can schedule around a day off from school!

Good news - no cavities!  Bad news - it's time for Peter to get his wisdom teeth out.  No news is good news - Sarah is fine for now but hers will have to come out probably next year this time.

And I almost forgot this little story...

Two weeks ago when it was so windy, our crawl space attic door (in the bonus room) blew open. I noticed the open door while looking for our cat who I could not find.  I poked my head in the crawl space and called her name.  I heard a frantic mew and began moving boxes around - this is the area where we keep all of our Christmas decorations.  I could hear her but I could not see her.

Finally, I realized that she was behind this silver paper that covers all the insulation and rafter beams.  She had managed to pull up the paper and jump(fall?) down into the eave of the roof. She was stuck because she is very fat and couldn't get herself back up - there was probably a 12 to 16 inch drop and in addition to that, there were roofing nails poking through the roof making it such that when she tried to get out, the nails would dig into her back.

I tried to get her out, Sarah and Peter even tried but she was trapped. Dan was at work and wouldn't be home for a couple of hours but my brother had just gotten home.  He assessed the situation, got an electric saw, cut out a piece of 2x4 so fat cat could get out and FINALLY she was free! 

I am very thankful that I noticed she was missing before I closed the open attic crawl space door.  Otherwise, we might be wondering where that awful smell is coming from....


Gigi said...

Poor kitty!

I took a peek at the menu for 2520; next time I'm out that way, I'll have to try it - looks yummy!

Mari said...

Our cat went into an open register once when we were doing some work on the house. It was scary!
I am a huge Survivor fan and have watched all the seasons too. I think this is going to be a good one!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wisdom teeth removal is a rite of passage. :(
That fat silly cat! Thank goodness you cared enough to look for him. Yikes.

Madeline said...

I will be curious how impactful the wisdom teeth surgery is for your kids. (Wisodom teeth pun fully intended.) I swelled up like a balloon and could only eat soft things for days. My brother came home and ate a peanut butter sandwich within minutes and it was like nothing even happened. Funny how that works!

Glad you were able to rescue the cat! Poor friend.

And I also LOVE Survivor. But I watch it when the season is over because I love to just binge a season in like 3 days.