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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

How did we get here so fast?

It was a banner weekend around here folks!  All three toilet lids were expertly replaced by my husband and they look so nice and shiny and clean!  But never fear, that won't last long.

Today is an odd day.  The juniors are taking the ACT  at Bishop so Peter is there as we speak taking it and Sarah is home with me.

I forced her out of bed at the ungodly (for a day you have no school) hour of 8:00 AM and she went to the gym with me. She has a lot of essays due early next week and a busy weekend planned so she is planning to use this day off wisely and try to get ahead on her work.  But before you think she's super motivated, you should know that I bribed her with Chick-Fil-A for lunch if she makes good headway on her history essay - which is on the Electoral  College.  Unlike Peter and her father (and much like me), she finds history a tad boring and would prefer to do anything other than writing an essay on the Electoral College.  Bribing her with CFA is doing the trick though!

Dan has customers in town this week and will be taking them to dinner tonight.  They are heading to The Spring House which is pretty pricey and looks a little hoity-toity if you ask me.  I'm interested to see if it's any good though because it might make a nice special occasion restaurant.

And guess what tomorrow is???

Ash Wednesday?!  How did we get to Lent so fast? 

Anyway, I better go check on the girl to see if she's making good progress on her essay so we can get to lunch before dinner!  :)


Ernie said...

Oh history- yuck. Mini stayed hom this am to sleep late because she has a sinus infection. This worked out great for me because I left her hear babysitting while I ran to fet my allergy shots. A hassle now that I need to wait 30 min each time.

Fancy resteraunt sounds great assuming Dan gets reimbursed.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yay for new toilet seats! "You get a toilet seat, YOU get a toilet seat!"
I'd write an essay for chick fil a too. :)