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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Grades, closets, and a busy Sunday.

So many things to update on.

The kids did well on their exams and their final semester grades were solid.  And I have to give a big shout out to St. Joseph of Cupertino!  I have asked for his intercession a lot this school year and he always comes through.  :)

This past weekend was fairly busy.  Peter went to the school's Broadway Review to support some of his friends who were participating.  He really wanted to go to the away basketball game as well but I'm proud of him for choosing to support his thespian friends.  The theatre kids don't get as much love from the student body as the football and basketball teams do.

On Saturday, Peter asked for help cleaning out his closet.  We went through all the things and got rid of a lot of the things and kept a lot of the things.  The closet looks much better now and it inspired me and Dan to clean out our closet as well.

Dan and I took 5 large bags to Goodwill and then took a lot of things to Jennifer to see if her men can use any of them.   I was extremely tired after all this closet cleaning but I am very happy with the results!

Sunday was a busy day.  We attended the 9:15 mass where our parish was celebrating Catholic Schools Week.  Afterward, Sarah and I worked the Girl Scout cookie booth for four hours with Jennifer and Cheyanne.  Thankfully it wasn't too cold and the girls sold a lot of cookies and got a lot of tips!  (The tips go straight to our troop and are always very much appreciated!)

And then we headed to Kernersville for Sarah's swim banquet.  That was a lot of fun.  Her swim team is made up of a bunch of really great kids and I'm so happy Sarah is a part of the team.

She has qualified for 4 events in this weekend's regional swim meet - two relays and two individual events.  She's excited about regionals but she doesn't feel like she's going to be able to qualify for anything for states.  She would have to shave a lot of time off to be able to do that but I suppose anything is possible.  And now her shoulder is bothering her so that's not going to help. 

We joined a new gym last week and I've been going every morning when the kids leave for school.  I'm hoping to get back into shape by the summer.  Perimenopause,  my love of food, and my strong desire to do nothing are really wreaking havoc on my figure!  :)

The struggle is real!


Colleen said...

The struggle is really real :)

Ernie said...

Is there anything better than a cleaned out closet? I laugh that Peter asked for help with his closet. I am FOREVER begging Tank to stand in his room and review piles of clothes that he has shoved in various corners. Do you want this? Are you done with this? Isn't this Eddie's? . . . all questions he avoids like the plaque.

I have been tackling various closets, drawers, and cabinets over the last few weeks. Amvets came today and hauled away several boxes/bags. Still much more to do - it seems to be a never ending task.

Best of luck to Sarah! It's always great when you kid lands on a team with great teammates.

Good luck with your new workout regiment. I put on weight when I messed up my knee and it is driving me nuts at how fast it goes on and how slow it comes off!