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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Exams, knees, heat, and birds!

Exams are officially over and the kids have a FOUR day weekend ahead!  But that doesn't mean that I know what day it is.  I've been confused all week.  The kids only had the same schedule ONE day this week which meant I did a lot of driving back and forth to school and/or killing time around the school to prevent yet another drive to the school.  But I'm not complaining.  I really do enjoy my time in the car with Sarah!

And speaking of Sarah, she hurt her knee again.  Remember in the spring when she jumped into a wave and twisted her knee and it took 6 weeks of wearing a brace to get it back to normal?  Well, a friend was excited to see her after the Tuesday morning exam and came running up behind her and jumped on her back.  And Sarah's knee buckled underneath her.

She called me in tears.  I advised her to take ibuprofen and get some ice from the cafeteria so she could keep ice on it during her second exam.  (Of course, she did neither of these things.)

She was in pain during her exam and was very upset when I picked her up.  When it was time for swim practice we went to talk to the coach and tell him what happened because her knee was too sore to practice..  Sarah was afraid that if she couldn't swim in the conference championship meet this weekend that she wouldn't be able to swim in regionals in two weeks.  Her coach reassured her that her qualifying time got her into regionals whether she swims at conference or not.  And he told her to go home, take some ibuprofen and ice her knee.  (Which of course, because the coach told her, she did.)

So she missed practice Tuesday and yesterday but she is going to attempt it this afternoon.  It's definitely not hurt as bad as it was in the spring but it's still sore so I'm sure she won't be able to swim her fastest on Saturday morning which really has her bummed.I feel bad for her but there's really nothing we can do. 

Can we talk about the weather for a minute?


It has been really warm here - springlike actually. For the last week, we've been having the highs in the upper 60s (and there were even a couple of days where the highs were in the low 70s). I love hot weather but I'm finding I don't really have anything to wear since it's January.

I got some really cute sweaters in the fall but between this heat and my hot flashes, there is no way I am putting those things on.  So basically I have been wearing jeans and tee shirts.  I am about to whip out my flip flops but I know if I do a snowstorm will surely come.  And while I don't really want it to be 70 in January, I also don't want a snowstorm.

And that's all the news around here.  Unless you count the bird that flew into our house yesterday morning.  It was trapped in our garage overnight and it flew in when Dan left for work.  Thankfully it only took about 10 minutes to get it out.  We opened all the doors to the outside and hoped for the best.  The bird just flew  from perch to perch inside the house and didn't appear to be able to figure out how to get out so  Dan got a sheet.  But before he had to use it, the bird flew out thankfully!

And that's officially all the news that fit for print!

 Bird meme inserted because I don't like a pictureless post!  :)


Madeline said...

Poor Sarah! What a bummer to know you won't be able to do your best but what can you do?

We also have a 4 day weekend BUT we have the exact opposite weather as you and yesterday was no school because of ice so I also have no idea what day it is. I am pretty sure I want to move to the Carolina's though. Such good weather.

Gigi said...

Poor Sarah! I hope she's on the mend soon.

I have been loving not having to pull out a coat (other than my rain jacket) to go out. I'm hearing that colder weather is on the way next week along with the possibility of snow (slim chance, I'm hoping!).

Ernie said...

Yikes- I hope Sarah heals quickly. That's when it helps to have a physical therapist in residence.

My in laws had a bird in their basement when I was very pregnant with Laddie. I laughed so hard at the screaming and crazy antics that I thought I would go into labor.