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Monday, September 16, 2019


It has been quite a full few days around these parts.

On Thursday evening we had an away football game.  Sadly we lost again.  I am holding out hope that we win this coming Friday.  I feel bad for the players but I guess it's good character building.
(Dan's 53rd birthday was on Thursday.)

My FIFTIETH birthday was on Friday.  I still can not wrap my mind around the fact that I am FIFTY.  That's so old!!  How can I be 50 when I still feel like I'm in my twenties?

Dan got me the sweetest little cross necklace and card and had my morning coffee all set up for me.

Mom and I spent the morning at Target, Kohls, Ulta, and Homegoods.  Then she treated me to a delicious lunch at Firebirds.

Salmon, broccoli and fried spinach!  So good!

Firebirds surprised us with a little birthday cheesecake.

On Friday the kids hustled home from school, changed their clothes and then we headed to Dan's work and picked him up and then headed to the Wake Forest/UNC Carolina game.  It started at 6:00 but thankfully we made it in plenty of time.

It looked like it was going to rain the entire time but it never did!

Flyover before the game!

Sraah was pulling for UNC but the rest of us were pulling for the home team!
At halftime, Peter ditched us and went to sit with a bunch of his friends from school and then met us at the car after the game.  He was thrilled that Wake won!

On Saturday, Peter hijacked the tv again and watched football all day. My bestie Jennifer dropped off my birthday gift which included these beautiful flowers!

Peter managed to tear himself away from the tv on Saturday evening and we went to Christo's for wings!

On Sunday, after Mass, we met my mom, my brother, my uncle and a friend of my mom's at Three Bulls where my uncle treated us to a celebratory birthday/anniversary lunch.  Once again I got salmon and once again, it was delicious. 

And the restaurant brought Dan and I birthday desserts.  It was Moravian sugar bread cake from Dewey's with cinnamon ice cream. Oh my goodness!  It was so good.  The table split the two desserts.

And then, we headed back to my uncle's house where we had this beautiful almond cake.  We love to have almond flavored wedding cake on our anniversary because it reminds us our our wedding cake flavor.

I guess being 50 isn't that bad after all!


Gigi said...

Happy birthday! No, fifty isn't that bad - fifty one is the one that makes you go "huh? How?!"

Billie Jo said...

Happy 50th!!!!!!!!!!!
I knew we were close, but I didn't realize how close!
A beautiful celebration for a beautiful friend.

Madeline said...

Like Billie Jo said, I didn't realize your birthdays were only a day apart. Happy birthday! Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate.

Mari said...

You did a lot of celebrating! Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary!
You sure don't look 50. :)
Glad you had such fun days!

Ernie said...

I agree- you do not look 50. For real! So much celebrating- how fun. Was just at Wake on 8/10/18 taking a tour with Ed. I remember the date bc it was our anniversary. Have a wonderful year. And I hope that team wins a game soon!

Kelli said...

Happy Birthdy Beth!! This was a big one..welcome to the club. I turned 50 in January.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy belated birthday!! It looks like a really busy and fun week for you both. You're gonna rock your 50's!!