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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spring break is here! So is my new washer and dryer! And so are my birdies!

Spring break starts this afternoon and we are ready.  The kids have been ready since mid-March.  I like a late Easter but that means a late spring break which makes for grumpy kids.

I prefer a first week in April spring break but around here spring break is tied to Easter in the public schools and even if the public schools didn't do it that way, our kids go to catholic school so spring break is always going to be tied to Easter.

They kids don't have to go back until April 29th at which point it might as well be May and then school might as well be over.  At least in my kid's minds anyway. All this to say, it's practically summer vacation!

Last Friday I was doing my daily one load of laundry and as I was getting the clothes out of the dryer I noticed they weren't quite dry.  So I started the dryer again and nothing happened.  It was dead.

When Dan got home he agreed that it was time to get  a new washer and dryer.  The set was 21 years old so I would say we got our moneys worth! So while he and Peter were camping this weekend, Sarah and I headed to Lowes to pick out and purchase the most basic of all washer and dryers because I didn't want anything fancy or flashy and I certainly didn't want a washer and dryer with wi-fi.

They were delivered yesterday.  I was ready with the broom because I knew when they removed them there would be some dust underneath them.  But, y'all, I was not prepared for the amount of filth that has collected underneath them.


The delivery guy assured me that he's seen worse but I honestly don't believe him.  He mentioned that one of the hoses to the washer had a slight leak which we obviously didn't know about.  So the dust that had collected underneath had gotten a little wet thus turning it into mud essentially.

In January the detergent bottle fell from the shelf above the washer and spilled everywhere.  I got all of it up that I could see but I knew there was a little underneath the washer so I was expecting that.

But no, there was A LOT of detergent underneath there and in two months it had "dried".  Maybe hardened or thickened would be a better description than dried and then that dried much was covered in dust.

I had to get the scraper out and scrape the mud and hardened detergent off the floor before I could sweep the rest of the dust and dirt that hadn't yet hardened. 

There was also a pair of underwear, a sock, 18 cents in loose change, 3 bobby pins, a pen cap, and a bottle cap in the sludge.  It was filthy. 

Guess who had never moved her washer and dryer in the twelve and a half years we've lived in this house?  Guess who has vowed to have her husband move them regularly so she can sweep underneath them?  Guess who will forget this sacred vow in about two days?

Here's a lovely picture of my washer and dryer.  As Sarah would say, they are "so basic".  She was hoping for a snazzier model  but basic is how I like it when I'm doing laundry.

In other news, last night was the last regular season home lacrosse game.  Sarah has fulfilled her duties as manager aka water girl.  Well, the playoffs start after break so if any of those are at home she will work those but essentially she's done!

She signed up for something and even though it wasn't what she expected and even though the friend that she signed up with quit, Sarah stuck it out.  She said she didn't want to be a quitter and she wasn't.  I'm proud of her for sticking with it!

Dan and I called her the reluctant water girl because she always looked so uncomfortable out there on the field.  Dan snapped some pictures of her last night and she even smiled for one of them when she noticed him.  But as he kept taking them, she kept mouthing "STOP!"

And guess who's back?

Two weekends ago it was really warm so I put out the hummingbird feeders.  But then we got that weird snowstorm and it was really cold for the next few days.  And then it rained and then it got a little warmer and then it rained some more and nothing.

But finally this past weekend it was really warm and the forecast looked like we were going to actually get some consistantly warm weather so I loaded up the feeders again and ta-da!  Monday morning I had my first hummingbird to the feeder!  I'll try not to put a hummingbird picture in every future blog post but I can't make any promises!


Madeline said...

Oh my goodness, I have never even really thought about what's under my washer and dryer but now I want to move them to clean! I hope you enjoy spring break even if I agree with your kids that it is practically the end of school.

me said...

The firs time we moved my dryer we found over $8 in change! Along with dust bunnies, ponytails ties, and so on. I never want a fancy washer - my mother in law has one and it seems to take forever to do a cycle and there are so many electronic parts to break!I hope the basic washer and dryer do you proud!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yay for the hummers and the new appliances! I'm sure the new ones will be much more efficient; a lot has changed in 21 years. I don't know that anyone has had an appliance that lived that long. :)

Ernie said...

My washer and dryer died days apart of each other a few days after Reg was born. I nursed him and raced to Sears and ordered the biggest they had called 'canyon capacity.' When they arrived and would not fit diwn the basement stairs I wept. The drivers said they were not allowed to take the back off the unit. They felt bad for me. Dismantled it. Brought it to the basement and life went on. Only person I know with appliances that lived that long is my mom. Under my fridge is way worse than under my washer.

Gigi said...

You were right to go with the "basics" when it comes to the washer and dryer (and any appliance, really). The more fancy the appliance the more chance for something to wrong. My co-worker had two motherboards go out on her refrigerator - it still keeps things cold but nothing else works. Since when does a refrigerator need two motherboards?

Billie Jo said...

Yes to everything about the washer and dryer!
Congratulations on that beautiful pair there!
Seriously, I am giddy for you!
ANd yes. Stay away from those fancy bells and whistles.
Too much can and does go wrong.
You got the right stuff there, my friend.
Just like our moms used to have!