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Monday, November 12, 2018

The weekend....

This weekend was a mixed bag.  We were supposed to go to the football game on Friday night but my kids decided they didn't want to go.  A lot of their friends weren't going because the school play opened this weekend and they were going to that, it was raining and cold, and others weren't going because they were going out of town for the long weekend.

I was okay with that so instead when Dan got home from work we went to Christo's and got wings.  Well, Dan and I got wings (low carb) and the kids had the all-you-can-eat pizza bar (not low carb).

On Saturday the plan was that Sarah and I were going to make Peter's birthday cake and do some things around the house while  Peter and Dan were going to help my brother get some work done at the church where he maintains the grounds.  But because of all the rain the day before (and the entire week before) he decided it was too wet to accomplish what needed to be accomplished.

Sarah and I had just started working on Peter's plain cheesecake (his request) when they came piling in saying, "We are free all day so let's go look for a truck!"

I am not good at changing plans on a dime so I got a little flustered.  Sarah and I put the cheesecake making into high gear and they started looking online for a truck.

There was a lot of activity in the kitchen and I wasn't following the instructions closely enough on the cheesecake and didn't mix the ingredients in the right order.  In fact, I dumped everything in and then let the Kitchen Aid do it's job.  As it was mixing and the cream cheese was still lumpy, I realized my error and then saw the words "mix in eggs until just incorporated".  I panicked and stopped the mixer because everything- eggs included - had been mixing away for a while, and declared that the cake was ruined and was about to toss it all.

Then my husband, who is the calm to my crazy said, "I'm sure it will be fine.  Just bake it and see what happens."

So we did and an hour later it looked fine but I just knew it was going to be clumpy and cakey and weird.

Even with not mixing it properly and over incorporating the eggs, it was still delicious.  So, if you are looking for an excellent cheesecake recipe, use this one.  (Just make sure to follow the instructions!)

The boys found a truck that looked like a good match but it was in Concord (about an hour away).  Dan called and talked to someone and they said for us to be there at 3:00 so we could look at the car.  That was perfect.  It gave me time to finish baking the cake, time to eat lunch, and time to actually get there.

Peter drove us there and did a good job.  He is definitely getting better and better behind the wheel but I still do a whole lot of praying while he's driving and unfortunately, too much backseat driving.

We made it there a little early and the sales manager apologized and said they had just received the car and that when they get a new car they immediately put it online so it wasn't quite ready for us to drive. They had done their 150 point inspection and were replacing the coils. He said it wouldn't be much longer so  he introduced us to the salesman and he took us to see the truck.  In the garage.  While the mechanic was still working on it.

My sweet husband was making small talk with the salesman while we were all milling around the garage.  The longer we stood there the angrier I got.

We called three hours ago and told them we were driving an hour to see this truck.  If it wasn't going to be ready (and I'm sure they knew it wasn't going to be ready by 3:00) they should have given us a different time or told us to come on Sunday. 

I asked the salesman how much longer it was going to be. I told him that we drove an hour to get there and that I was a little frustrated that the truck wasn't ready.  Not only were they still working on it but they hadn't even cleaned it up. (Honestly, I feel like they just started the inspection on it when they found out we were interested in seeing it.) I told him I wanted to drive the car but I wanted it to be in good shape not quickly worked on while we were hovering over the mechanic.

Basically after waiting around a little longer he told us it was going to be another 15 mintues.  I told him we were leaving and he panicked and got Dan's cell number and said he would call when it was ready. 

Too late.  Sale lost. I had already decided that it we would not be giving this dealership any money.  At one point after I told him I was frustrated that the truck wasn't ready, he snidely said to me when I mentioned that we drove an hour to get there, "What?  Are there no trucks in Winston-Salem?"  I calmly told him that there were but that we wanted to see this one that was here in Concord which is why we drove an hour to get there.  He made it very easy to walk away. 

All they had to do was be honest and up front and we could have come there on Sunday.  But no they chose getting us there over having the car ready and that made me uncomfortable. So, long story short, we did not get Peter a truck this weekend.

As we were heading back home, all a little dejected and annoyed, I told the guys that I had prayed on our way there that God would make it clear to us if this was the right truck or not.  I feel like we got our answer! 

On Sunday, we went to Mass and then watched the worst Patriots football game ever and spent more time looking online for trucks.  Sarah went with my mom to another painting class and look at their latest masterpieces:

My two favorite ladies! 

And then we had Peter's birthday dinner and unwrapped presents and ate cheesecake!


Madeline said...

A sudden change of plan always throws me off too. I am glad you walked away from that dealership, though I am sure Peter was disappointed. Looks like he had a wonderful birthday celebration, however. It's so good the cheesecake turned out!

Gigi said...

Happy birthday to Peter! How funny about your story about cake - I also had a snafu with cake on Saturday! And we also had a birthday on Saturday. Funny coincidences.

I would have walked too. I cannot abide car shopping and snide salesmen.

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Peter! Glad the cheesecake turned out, bummer on the truck, but I think you got your answer too.
Your Mom and Sarah did great on the paintings!

Elizabeth said...

Amazing how different each painting is! So sorry about that truck fiasco. What a horrible experience.