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Friday, November 2, 2018

Everything you need to know...

Wednesday was Sarah's first high school swim practice.  She rushed home afterwards and got ready to go to a friend's house to watch Psycho and eat hotdogs. (She loved the movie AND the hot dogs.)

And then yesterday the kids were out of school for All Saint's Day.  We headed to morning Mass and then grabbed a snack at Bojangles. Peter was in the mood for some BoBerry Biscuits.  And Sarah wanted some fries.  I was able to make both kids happy at the same fast food restaurant.  That's rare so I considered it a parenting victory!

And then we took Peter to High Point so he could work with his group on their religion project.  Four videos down and only two more to go.  So I guess that means only two more trips to High Point.

But I'm not  complaining because while Peter spent three hours working on his project, Sarah and I got to leisurely peruse the aisles of Target and TJ Maxx.   Then we headed to Rack Room shoes because even though the girl has a ton of shoes, she still needed some different ones.  She keeps her black all purpose Nikes at school for gym (and informed me that they had a hole in them anyway so there's no way she could wear them in public with an outfit and the black boots that she has been wearing for the last two years don't fit any longer.)

Peter has two pairs of shoes.  One pair of Nikes and one pair of Sperrys.  And is some how managed to be appropriately dressed at all times. Sarah on the other had, has 15 pairs of shoes and still needs more.  Luckily Rack Room was having a boot sale AND it was BOGO. So we picked up a pair of casual black shoes and a pair of black boots and I told her that was it for shoes.  She should be good to go until spring when I'm sure she will convince me she needs a bunch of cute sandals.

The whole time we were shopping for shoes, she kept trying on inappropriately high heels and prancing around.  I worry what's going to happen to her wardrobe when I'm no longer in charge of it.

The kids are back in school today and because they were out yesterday, it feels like Monday or something other than Friday.  I guess that's good news because typically when I get the day wrong in my head, it's a Tuesday and I think it's a Thursday.

Sarah will be rushing back from swim practice tonight to get ready to go to a hockey game with her Girl Scout troop.  That group of girls love to go to the minor league hockey games. I'm glad it's hockey season too because we will go as a family to a couple of games this season too.  Minor league hockey is cheap and fun!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the upstairs floors will be completed today.  The installers have been hard at work all week.  As of this morning they had about 2/3 of the master to finish. I'm hoping they can get it all done today.  Then I can spend tomorrow getting everything back in it's place.

And so far the floors look really good. I definitely don't miss that dirty carpet.  Peter doesn't like the new floors and Dan said he can't tell a difference.  (Y'all - don't even get me started.)  Sarah and I love them so at least half of the house is happy with the current state of affairs. 

And with that, I leave you with this picture because it makes me laugh!


Gigi said...

Sorry, as a fellow shoe-a-holic, I have to side with Sarah - you can never have too many shoes!

So glad your floors are almost done and that you love them! Have a great weekend.

Ernie said...

I am happy that mini now wears a size 9. Same as me! Now she can borrow shoes which saves me from buying lots of extra . . . oh, who am i kidding! Now i buy her shoes (sometimes) and i remind her that i can borrow as needed!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Funny picture!!! Is it weird that I'm excited for you to have new flooring?? ;)