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Friday, November 9, 2018


It's Friday and I feel like I've done a million things yet done nothing at the same time.

I have spent a lot of time waiting on Sarah to get done with swim practice.  She said she's loving it even though it is very hard.  The coach timed everyone on Monday and she had shaved three seconds off her butterfly time from the county swim meet and she was THRILLED!  And apparently that time got her into one of the "fast lanes" with some of the older swimmers.  I think she's having a hard time keeping up but she is giving it her all.  I could not be more proud of that girl! 

So I spend a lot of time in the YMCA parking lot snapping pictures...

November 2

November 6

November 8th
And it's raining again today so I imagine by this afternoon this tree will be totally bare.

We will rush home from swim practice so that Sarah can shower and then we will head back to Kernersville for the last regular season football game of the season. I hope the rain stops by then. 

Peter turns 16 on Tuesday and he wants a truck.  We were talking last night and he was under the impression that Dan and I had purchased him a truck and were hiding it and would bring it out on Sunday when we celebrate his birthday at my parent's house.

Um. Nope.  Sorry to disappoint.

 Dan doesn't seem to be too motivated to look for anything.  He's from Boston, rode public transportation until after he graduated college.  He didn't own a car until he bought one for himself in the army. 

Around here though, when I was growing up, everyone got a car the minute they turned 16. It's still basically like that so I've been having to convince Dan that a car is a necessary item here. (And that it will benefit us all.Which it will.)  He has finally consented but told Peter that the only reason he is getting one is because he goes to school 30 minutes from here. 

I've been looking at used trucks online and I'm hoping that we can go out and look at some this weekend.  But that remains to be seen.  Like I said, Dan's not too motivated.  And I hate the whole process of buying a car.  Blech!

Speaking of Peter, he was up late last night watching his beloved Panthers lose to the Steelers:

Even his lucky Panthers jersey didn't bring the team good luck. 

And just because I could not resist:

He is still sleeping in the letter tray and my desk is still a mess.  Have a great weekend!


Madeline said...

Wally in the letter tray slays me. I love that cat of yours. I hope you all have a good weekend, whether or not it involves shopping for a truck.

Billie Jo said...

Sorry about the game!
Never really know which Steeler team will show up for a game!
You will be living your best life, my friend, when he gets his license!
Happy Weekend!

Michelle said...

Wow 16!!! New drivers are one of my least favorite stages😬😬😬
Good luck with finding a truck!(car shopping can be stressful!)

Ernie said...

That cat sleeping there is hilarious! Peter thinking you had a car purchased is also cracking me up. Tank turns 16 in less than a month. Just started drivers ed. Talk about unmotivated . . . not excited for him to drive.