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Monday, October 29, 2018

Weekend recap!

This was my husband last night:

Because in case you haven't heard:

I was going to say that Dan can finally get some rest because all these late games  have meant some very late bedtimes for him over the last week.  But, the Patriots play tonight so it looks like he will be up late tonight too. I guess there's no rest for the weary sports fan this time of year!

Don't worry about him though, I'm sure he would say it's all worth it.  I love how serious and intense my husband gets over baseball.  It's times like this that I'm sure he misses his brother, Bob.  They would spend hours on the phone analyzing the games..  I thought about Bob last night and imagined him in heaven doing this as well:

Last I left you, it was a very cold and rainy Friday.  It rained all day.  But Saturday it cleared off and was partly sunny but thankfully no rain.  My husband had plans to help my brother with a project but that was cancelled because of the weather so that meant Dan spent the day trying to find things around the house to do.  He can not just be still and sit on a Saturday. I, however, have no problems just sitting and being still.

Unfortunately, I was not able to do that on Saturday.  I spent a good portion of the day moving all the stuff from bookshelves and dresser tops to the basement to get ready for the flooring to be installed. I was huffing and puffing most of the day and felt like I got a pretty decent workout.  Plus, everything looks so good with nothing on top of it.  I wonder if I could convince my family to just get rid of all the stuff.  Probably not but I'm hoping that maybe we can only bring back the bare essentials. I'm pretty sure that Peter will absolutely not be on board with that but I'm going to try.

We went to Mass on Saturday night and then went out to dinner and on Sunday we had our family pictures taken.  The weather at the beginning of last week was forecasting  a rainy Sunday but it was actually a gorgeous sunny day.  The only issue was that it was a tad windy but our photographer said she can Photoshop out any stray hair so I'm hoping we get some good shots.

I spent so much time fretting about what we were going to wear and thought I was good to go. I got a new scarf to wear with my outfit.  The colors were perfect and would have tied all four outfits together perfectly.  BUT - isn't there always a but?  But it was really largeand I could not for the life of me tie it where it didn't like like it was wearing me.  If I wasn't getting a picture taken, it would be fine (and I do plan on wearing it this fall and winter) but it just felt like I was going to be fussing with it and worrying about it the whole time.  So I decided at the last minute to ditch it and I threw on a gold necklace instead.  So much for tying everything together. 

After our pictures, we rushed back to the church where Sarah's Girl Scout group meets so they could complete their Silver Award.  They planned, shopped for, decorated for, cooked for and ran a Bingo game for the church members and raised money for the Breast Cancer Foundation.  It was a great evening!


Madeline said...

I am so out of touch, I actually didn't know the Red Sox won until I read it here! Yay for you guys! Sounds like a good (and productive) weekend was had by all.

Mari said...

We don't follow baseball, but I'm happy for Dan!
Looks like Sarah's group did a great job.
Looking forward to seeing those photos. It never fails that when you are looking for something for an occasion like that, that you just can't find it! I'm sure you looked great though. :)

Joy said...

How far into the 18 inning game did he make it? I made it through 12.

Congrats to Sarah and her group!