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Monday, October 8, 2018

Updates and Instant Pot recipes.

We had a lovely weekend.  How about you?

On Friday night we headed to the football game.  Unfortunately, this week's game was also extremely lopsided but not in our favor this time. It's such a bummer...a close (or even closer) game is so much better. 

Peter and Sarah always have so much fun in "The Pit" with their friends.  The pit is where all the students sit.  The seniors sit on the first group of rows, followed by the juniors, next are the sophomores, and finally on the top rows of the bleachers are the freshman.

We are a very small school and there is no band, but  the seniors are in charge of chants and cheers and there's always this really strange horn blowing and my kids love it.  It's a nice way to spend a Friday night.  And the weather is still warm around here so it makes sitting outside at night enjoyable for  me - I hate to be chilly. 

This week is supposed to be much more October like - highs in the low 70s so I think my days of mid to upper 80s might be over until next year.  Oh well - that will give me something to look forward to!

On Saturday we did typical around-the-house stuff and then Dan and I went to Kohls.  We got on outfit for him that I think I might have him wear in our family pictures at the end of this month.  I say might because I'm not 100% sure.  I have Sarah's outfit picked out and the two colors in her outfit are the same as the two colors in Dan's but it feels too matchy- matchy.  Now I've got to figure out what Peter and I are going to wear.  Luckily I have 20 more days to get this sorted out!

On Sunday, Dan had a Boy Scout committee meeting after church and then he and I went out for a little afternoon date.  Since August Dan has been saying that he's going to miss our monthly Sunday night dates while the kids were at Confirmation class.  Sowe decided to just do it anyway even though the kids are already confirmed.  We headed to the restaurant we always used to go to, split an appetizer and had a drink.  We watched some football, talked about the kids, and just generally had a great time! 

Sarah had some weird issue going on with her eyes over the last month.  Her eyelids were red and puffy and then they would dry out and look like they were healing just to turn red and puffy and crusty all over again.  We tried coconut oil and Vaseline and then purchased some over-the-counter eye wipes.  Nothing was helping so we finally went to the doctor on Friday afternoon. 

The PA we saw said it might possibly be eczema so she gave us some samples of Eucrisa to try and she said that if that didn't clear it up then it was most likely an allergic reaction and she would refer us to the allergist.

Low and behold, we saw much improvement after just one application of the Eucrisa and now 3 days later her eye lids are almost as good as new!

I know you guys are wanting an Instant Pot update so here you go.  On Saturday I made ribs in the Instant Pot.  They were really good and only took an hour from start to finish which is so much better than the 3 plus hours it used to take following my old recipe.  The recipe I used is found here.  

And today for lunch, I made myself some wings in the Instant Pot.  They were really good too.  However, I should note that they did require time under the broiler so it wasn't super fast (total cook time was around 45 minutes) but they were actually really good considering they weren't fried in the deep fryer like the ones I love at my favorite place for wings. So I guess that makes them healthy!  :)  This is the recipe I used.  Please note, I just used the butter and hot sauce and omitted everything else from the sauce recipe.  I like a basic hot sauce and don't need all the other stuff to enjoy my wings

And I think that's about all I have to share for today.  We aren't even going to speak of the fact that the Red Sox are poised to blow their wonderful season by loosing to the New York Yankees in this series. 


Madeline said...

It's really been a heartbreaking sports year. Glad the Instapot is going well! And that Sarah's eye is getting better.

Gigi said...

If it's the same type of horn the kids used when mine went there, I think it's called a vesuvius. Practically ever senior had one it seemed like. And they really annoyed some of our rivals, as I recall.

Kelli said...

I spent Friday night at our football game. Football is pretty big in our small town because our high school is pretty good. We try to go to as many home games as possible.
I am still on the fence about an instapot. I do love my crockpot though.
Have a good weel