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Friday, October 5, 2018

I'm over it all - the politics and the driving around....

We had to go to Greensboro again last night. This time, there was a classical guitar concert at Guilford College and Peter was required to go for his guitar class. 

The performance was of The Walls written by Sergio Assad and this was the US debut of this piece of music. Sergio Assad was in attendance and it was performed by Bill Kanengise from USC.

From the Guilford College website:  "The Walls explores the human impact of four walls — the Great Wall of China, the United Kingdom’s Hadrian’s Wall, the Berlin Wall and Jerusalem’s West Bank Wall. As the music moves the audience through centuries and across borders, Sergio charges the performers, especially Bill, with transforming the guitar’s sound to embody different ethnic musical languages"

The music was lovely and some of the members of Peter's high school's guitar ensemble performed with the group.  It was nice to see one of his good friend up on stage.  And I appreciated the sentiment behind the music - which to me is basically you can put up a wall but it won't stop people from getting over it.

HOWEVER - as part of the program, they had 4 professors from Guilford College speak on each of the walls and other than the fact that it took up way to much time and added nothing to the music - it was extremely  political and I could have totally done without all of that. 

I understood what the music was trying to get across without the professors adding their own two cents.  It wasn't needed and in my mind it took away from the actual music and the  writer's message about music breaking down barriers.

Enough about that.

Peter has informed us that his religion group needs to get back together this weekend to work on another project so I guess I will be driving to High Point  and milling around there for a while.  Guess there's more Starbucks and Target in my future.

And I guess al of this driving is good because honestly, it is making me ready (gasp, I can't believe I said that!) for Peter to have his driver's license. I'm ready to retire the taxi sign from the top of my SUV.

We just need to find a decent automobile for him to drive.  But don't worry it's on my list of things to do so hopefully it will get checked off soon.  Although, things do tend to stay on my list for a while before they actually get checked off.  But as long as it's on the list, it will get done - eventually!
Bishop has a home football game tonight and the theme is Pink Out.  All the students will be wearing pink on support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  So guess who was scouring all of Winston-Salem yesterday for cheap hot pink tee shirts?

FYI - Michael's for the win!!  $3.33 each. 

And with that, I've got to get the oil changed in  my car so I will leave you with this surprise rainbow from yesterday afternoon.  It was raining  nearby but not at our house so when I looked out the window I was pleasantly surprised!


Madeline said...

Yeah I am right there with you on the everything being political without needing to be. That rainbow is stunning!!

Billie Jo said...

The rainbow!
Perhaps it is a sign that the political mess is ending soon?
Have a good weekend.
Have a Mango Dragonfruit drink for me at Starbucks, please!!!

Mari said...

That's a beautiful rainbow!
I can't believe Peter is this close to driving...
Yes, I'm sick of politics too!