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Friday, November 3, 2017

A sloth, some skunks, and a sheet pan recipe.

I just got in from another one of my brisk walks.  I refer to them as brisk walks even though I've been timing myself and it takes me 40 minutes to go two miles.  That's not so much brisk as sloth-like. 

So, I just got back from one of my sloth-like walks.  I only walked twice this week due to doctor's appointments, car pool. and going to morning Mass on All Saints Day.  At least I have good reasons for missing my walk. I've been enjoying my walks (when I do them) though because I've been praying the rosary using an app on my phone.

The voice on the app has a British accent and it makes me feel very proper when I'm out walking like a sloth.  However,  I have received a few sideways stares from some neighbors who are walking their dogs.  I guess they've never heard a rosary being prayed in a British accent coming out of coat pocket before.  I should probably wear ear buds but I hate ear buds.  Say I'm  old fashioned.  Say I'm over the hill.....

And to completely change the subject, we have some skunks that like to hang out around here.  They dig holes all over searching for grubs and I am very paranoid that they are going to spray one of us or a cat.

It was very warm yesterday and we slept with the windows open last night.  Around 1:00 AM we could hear our old cat, who has the now unfortunate name of Kitten, which isn't at all confusing since we currently have an actual kitten who has an old man name of Wally. 

Anyway, at 1:00 AM we could hear that horrible growling/crying noise that cats make so Dan got up to let the cat in.  He thought he could see a skunk in our garden so he came in to get a flashlight.  By the time he got the flashlight, the skunk had meandered off and then we spotted a big orange cat curled up in our flowerless flower bed. 

I grabbed Kitten and brought her in and now I'm wondering where this orange cat came from.  I haven't seen it this morning so I am hoping that it has gone back to it's home because I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER CAT!

Also this morning while it was still dark, I spotted the skunk walking between our house and my parent's house.  That makes three sightings in less than 24 hours because around 9:))  last night Peter and I saw TWO skunks frolicking in my parent's front yard.  TWO.  I guess I need to spend some time today Googling "how to deter skunks".

Before I head out to do a little house cleaning, I thought I would share another delicious sheet pan recipe that even my picky almost 15 year old liked.  It's called  Sheet Pan Teriyaki Chicken and the recipe can be found here at The Recipe Critic. 

I forgot to snap a picture when it came out of the oven but here is a shot of the little bit that was left that I will be enjoying for lunch today.  Also, I served it with a side of jasmine rice. 

I followed her recipe exactly except that I used snow peas instead of edamame and I did not add the pineapple chunks.  Please check out her pic because it looks so much better than mine.  It was really good though and I will be making it again!

And just for good measure here are some cat pictures.

Wally got into the leftover Halloween candy...literally!

And here's Kitten on the window sill looking inside.  Poor Kitten spends a lot more time outside now that Wally lives with us.  She doesn't love Wally as much as I do.


Mari said...

You are so funny! I don't think you are really too sloth like, but I think if the skunks showed up while you were walking you may go even faster! Thanks for the recipe - it looks fabulous!

Ernie said...

I look forward to trying this recipe too! I think I can make it gluten free.

When mini was an infant I went to a workout class and at dinner I was telling coach and the boys that we did indian sprints and I felt like I was running so fast. Coach convinced me after dinner to demonstrate my speed while he stood on the deck with the little guys. I didn't realize until after -that he was video taping it. And I WASN'T even close to being fast. Talk about bursting my bubble.

Madeline said...

We will definitely try that new sheet pan recipe, thanks for passing on winners!!