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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I finally did it!

I have placed this picture of my corner kitchen shelves at the top of my post so as not to scare everyone with what I really wanted to show you today.  And this just happened to be the first picture on my phone and I thought it looked really cute so.  I would like to note that the blue background on the Moravian Blessing print looked really good this summer when I had all manner of blueish and greenish items on these shelves.  Alas, I am way too lazy to change it so we are all going to pretend really hard that the blue looks fallish and go with it.


I really wanted to show you guys this:

 What IS that disgusting blob, Beth?  A mouse?  A dead kitten?  The world's ugliest toupee?


After I left you guys on Friday morning, I started cleaning the house.  Which, really.  Why bother because it already looks like I never even cleaned and it's only Tuesday.  Sigh...

Anyway, I got done with the vacuuming and emptied the canister and looked at the bottom of the roller brush like I always do and instead of deciding to clean it the next time I vacuumed, I did it right then and there.

This is the before:

 Y'all.  There is supposed to be an actual brush underneath all of that hair.

So I took off the brush part and got out the scissors and started cutting and only a few minutes later, I had this:

I was so pleased with myself that I almost decided to vacuum again just to see how much more stuff I got up with a clean brush.  But then I came to my senses and put away the vacuum and finished the rest of my chores.

My chores?  I'm beginning to sound like Laura Ingalls.

I finished the rest of my domestic duties and went about the rest of my day quite pleased with myself for finally doing what I've been putting off for a while.

Next up on my list of things to accomplish that I've been putting off forever is dusting the blinds.  That chore, however, will take way longer than a few minutes so it may take me a couple more years to work up to that one.  Seriously, I've thought about removing all the blinds just so I don't have to deal with them but then that reveals how dirty my windows are.

If you give a mouse a cookie....

 Peter and Dan went camping with the Boys Scouts this weekend.  It was rainy but it sounds like they had a good time.  On Saturday, Sarah and I had lunch at Red Robin.  YUM.  (Tell me you don't sing yum everytime you hear Red Robin.  That's some good work by their advertising agency.)

After lunch went dress shopping and for once it was for me!  Dan and I are attending Peter's high school's fundraising gala in a couple of weeks and all of my other appropriate dresses are a little too tight. And short of starving myself for the next two weeks, they will not fit. 

We found something that was cute and affordable and Sarah gave it two thumbs up.  I really wish it had been a little more dressy but I figure this gala is in the gym so it's not like it's black tie.   I also really wanted it in black but they didn't have my size in black so I got a reddish one.  Guess what I'll be wearing on Christmas Eve?  And on Valentine's Day? 

All right, that's enough about giant hairballs and dresses.  Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Mari said...

Your shelves look so cute!
I think I better clean my vacuum too, the results would probably look similar. I need to clean my blinds too. You're making me feel guilty for sitting on my computer!

Madeline said...

Cleaning out the vacuum is deeply satisfying. We did that over the summer and wow. It made such a difference in how it cleaned!!

Our school also has their galas in a gym so I laughed out loud at that because I've also struggled to dress for the event.

Kelli said...

I did that not that long ago with my vacuum...gross I tell you!
Love love love your kitchen shelf!

Ernie said...

I have had to disembowel my vacuum. I too have pictures, bc its unreal. My vacuum is a shark. I haven't been as impressed with it as I expected to be. The whole tube thing gets backed up and blocked. Then no suction. It takes a coat hanger and a lot of bad words to correct it.

I too love your shelves, ah- a completed kitchen. Dare to dream!