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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I didn't mean to be gone for so long but I've been busy!

Well, it appears that I took a bit of a blog break.  It wasn't intentional but it was bound to happen.

Since November, the PTO has been working on our school Casino Night and Auction and the big event was this past Friday night.  I was at school from 8:00 - 3:00 (and some days longer) every day last week. And then in the evenings we had all of our regular things (swimming, track, scouts, homework). 

The schedule left no time for blogging.  In fact, in order to have clean clothes and dinner on the table dialy I had to do a scramble every morning before I left the house at 7:30.  The crock pot was always crocking when I left and the dish washer and washing machine were always whirring.  Which meant in addition to all of our normal evening activities, I had to fold laundry, put away dishes, work on the rest of dinner, etc.  You know - all the stuff working moms have to do on the daily.

I did all of this for only one week and it all caught up to me this weekend.  Well, that and the fact that I didn't get to bed on Friday night/Saturday morning until 2:00am.  This old body felt really old on Saturday when it had to be back at school at 9:00 am to clean up the gym.

Dan headed back to Dubai on Saturday afternoon.  Sarah's science fair group came over to finish their project.  And I tried to get the house back in order.  My plan was to spend Sunday afternoon on the couch in a daze or a doze but Peter spent the afternoon with my brother so Sarah and I headed to Target to buy a few spring clothes for her wardrobe. 

She's outgrown most of the things in her closet.  And not just outgrown size wise, but also taste wise.  She still loves her pink but not so much in her clothes any more.  Nothing we bought on Sunday was pink and I would not have chosen any of it for her.  It all looks cute and I approved of it all but it was nothing that I thought she would have liked. 

We have officially reached the point where I can no longer shop for her.  Every time I picked out something for her to try on, she turned up her nose.  At one point as a joke I held this up:

Y'all, the purple and yellow tassels are actual tassels and not just part of the picture.  She got a huge laugh at the thought of her (an almost TWELVE YEAR OLD) wearing a camel tee shirt with tassels.

Later in Kohls we saw this and decided that apparently large African animals are all the rage in tee shirts this year:

Sarah's at that weird stage where the things in the girl's section are a little too childish and the things in the juniors section are a little too grown up.  We were lucky to find what we found and hopefully she will have enough to be clothed until her birthday when I'm sure I will find myself being laughed at when I dare hold up:

Sigh...I already miss the little one who happily wore pink cotton dresses all summer long.  Now it's camis and geometric print shorts.  Guess they can't stay little forever.

But it's not all bad because the girl in the cami and geometric print shorts is someone who helps me cook dinner, laughs (or pretends to laugh) at my jokes, notices everything I notice when we are out and about (the drag queen, for instance and it always makes for interesting conversation on the ride home) and likes all the same music on the radio (well, minus what she calls my Jesus music).

This week it's back to the follow up meeting, track meet, driving for a field trip, planning the 8th grade graduation dance...and whew - it's no wonder I'm just as ready for summer break as the kids!


Madeline said...

It's amazing to me the things that trend for clothes! A camel with tassels? Who even thought that up? Glad the casino night went well for you and you're starting to get back to your regular routine a bit.

Billie Jo said...

Ahhhh yes.
The tween girl clothing dilemma.
Seems you have got a handle on it!
And yes...they grow up. Too quickly.
But the fun you had then is replaced, as you said, by different fun.
It is a wonderful thing watching that little girl in the pink dress change into a young woman who will be a very best friend. : )

Billie Jo said...

P.S. That school is blessed to have you. : )

Lucky as Sunshine said...

The trends this year are truly amazing..