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Friday, April 15, 2016

Fine Arts Night

Last night, our school held it's first Fine Arts Night.  It was a lot of fun!

The hallway was lined with artwork from the different grades:

Peter's artwork is the grey, blue, and orange piece behind him.  The sheepish grin is because his friend was behind me giving him a hard time about getting his picture made.  (You've got to love 13-year-olds!)

Here's Sarah in front of a sculpture she made.  The kid on top is hers.  Sarah's pained look is compliments of the fact that she really wanted ot get the photo done so she could get back to hanging out with her friends. (You've got to love almost-12-year-olds!)

In the rest of the school there were performances going on at various times through the evenings.  There was ball room dancing, musical instrument performances, singing performances,  and theatrical readings.

Sarah's grade performed an Ecuadorian ribbon dance that was very cool.

And she was also in a group of kids that did a ukulele demo.  The demo was used to show how the Quaver music program works.  It's really cool to see the teacher use the smart board to teach the kids notes, tune the ukeleles and play the songs.  Sarah has really enjoyed learning to play the ukulele in class - so much so that she used her own money to purchase one.

And they also had masterpieces set up that you could be a part of.  I loved this!

The Scream

The Girl With the Pearl Earring.  (We weren't familiar with this painting and weren't aware  that her face was supposed to be looking towards us and not in profile.

American Gothic (This one makes me laugh so hard!)
 There was also a demo of some coding art that Peter's class did.  It was displayed on a Smart board so I don't have a picture of Peter in front of it.  But his class spent a lot of time learning how to code on the computer and how all the code turns into pixels and makes pictures.  Peter said it was very difficult.  I think he appreciates all the work behind his video games now!

And there were a couple of food trucks and the whole evening was very festive and fun.  I hope the school makes it an annual event! 


Kelli said...

What a fun night! Love all the art work!

Madeline said...

I love this! What a fun night. I was totally the kid who's mom took all the pictures and I love looking back on them and the art work that didn't stand the test of time. So keep taking the pictures even with 13-year-old boys looking sheepish!